Lift Like a Girl with Girls Gone WOD: Harder to Kill Radio 023

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Harder to Kill Radio 023 - Girls Gone WOD |

Joy and Claire of Girls Gone WOD have been on my radar for years. They’re the women talking about women’s issues in the gym, and everything from sports bras to anxiety is fair game. What I like most about them is that they never take themselves too seriously, and they bring a playful, fun nature to everything they do.

Fun fact: Despite being nearly 120 episodes into their own mega-successful podcast, this is the first time Joy and Claire have had the tables turned on them as show guests! They brought their characteristic energy and knowledge bombs, and I know you’re going to appreciate their perspective about how to lift like a girl.

In This Episode of Harder to Kill Radio, You’ll Learn:

  • Why they’re passionate about giving the women of CrossFit a voice
  • How they each got started on their CrossFit journeys
  • Their favorite aspect of CrossFit
  • Their best advice for women who want to start strength training
  • Why women benefit in unexpected ways from strength training
  • Why they’re talking about their experiences with anxiety
  • How Claire has handled exercise during pregnancy

Links & Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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Join me next week for Episode 24 for my interview with an absolute powerhouse in the world of health and fitness…you may even recognize him from his ultra-popular podcast, The Model Health Show.

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Harder to Kill Radio 023 - Girls Gone WOD |

Harder to Kill Radio 023 - Girls Gone WOD |

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