The Power of Community with Rebel Health Tribe: Harder to Kill Radio 046

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On this week’s episode of Harder to Kill Radio, meet Rebel Health Tribe founders Mike Roesslein and Joe Rignola!

Harder to Kill Radio 046 - Rebel Health Tribe |

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Meet Episode 46’s Guests, Rebel Health Tribe

Michael Roesslein and Joe Rignola make up the duo who created Rebel Health Tribe.

Their goal is to move the needle forward, to inspire greatness and abundant health in others, and to be a part of something bigger than each of us individually.

Mike and Joe’s mission is to disrupt the mainstream and alternative “health” industries by providing cutting-edge content and creating a communal experience that empowers members to heal and love themselves. They also aim to create a uniquely immersive experience connecting a world-wide community of like-minded users and content-creators, changing the current paradigm and inspiring greatness and abundant health in themselves and others.

Through, they provide free and affordable cutting-edge educational articles, videos, webinars, and programs, online-based classes, live workshops and retreats, private coaching, healthy recipes and cooking shows, and MUCH more. Check out what they have going on!

In This Episode of Harder to Kill Radio, You’ll Learn:

  • Why Rebel Health Tribe came about
  • How they’ve seen the Internet health space change
  • Why the mission of Rebel Health Tribe sets them apart from everyone else
  • Their most popular topics at the moment
  • Why the microbiome is so fascinating
  • The best and hardest thing about working with a partner
  • The next big topic they think will explode in coming years

Links & Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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Harder to Kill Radio 046 - Rebel Health Tribe |

Harder to Kill Radio 046 - Rebel Health Tribe |

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