Haters – Harder to Kill Radio #148

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Practical tips for dealing with the haters in your life…that’s the topic of today’s podcast.

Haters – Harder to Kill Radio #148

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Haters Gonna Hate…Here’s What to Do About Them

If you’re making healthier choices in your life, your bound to experience some questions, pushback, or maybe even some flack from the haters. This topic is one of the most common that my community brings up: wondering how to deal with haters. It’s even more timely now that we’re speeding toward the holidays. That means potentially awkward social and family gatherings, co-workers mocking you for not eating cookies, and the like. (Check out the recent podcast I recorded about how to survive the holidays.)

The fierce love answer is that it doesn’t frickin’ matter what people have to say because it’s your life, not theirs. But I realize that’s not always helpful in the moment.

In this episode, I’m sharing four strategies for dealing with anyone who gives you guff about your food, fitness, or lifestyle choices so you feel more empowered. These strategies are simple – not necessarily easy – but they’ll give you a jumping off point.

On Today’s Episode

  • How to re-frame the hate that people bring
  • Understanding the difference between agreements and expectations
  • The ugly truth about trying to control people’s reactions to you

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