Health Coach Confessions – Harder to Kill Radio #152

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Today I’m getting into some of my own health coach confessions.

Today I'm getting into some of my own health coach confessions. It's easy for health and fitness experts to come across as perfect, but you'll learn why that's not the case in this episode of Fierce Love Friday. |

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Health Coach Confessions

It’s easy to think that health and fitness experts each perfectly, exercise perfectly, and live perfect lives…especially given what you see on social media and the Internet at large. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Not only is it unrealistic to think that health coaches don’t have struggles, it often leads to you setting up impossible standards for yourself. When left unchecked, the cycle of on the wagon / off the wagon can go on for years.

In this episode, I’m letting you in on some of my health coach confessions…habits I’m working on and things I don’t do perfectly. My hope is that you’ll learn to cut yourself some slack on your health and wellness journey. You can still make big strides without the stress of perfection. Plateaus, back steps, and failures are part of the process. Remember to give yourself grace and space as you walk forward through life.

On Today’s Episode

  • How you put the impossible double standard on health experts onto yourself
  • Why perfection is all illusion
  • My three health confessions as a nutritional therapist and health coach

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