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Health Elitism – Harder to Kill Radio 182

Today I’m throwing down about the “us vs them” battle of health and wellness that is currently taking place online.

Today I'm throwing down about the "us vs them" battle of health and wellness that is currently taking place online. |

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Health Elitism

The professional term for this internet battle is “health elitism”. These days, more people than ever seem to be talking about health and wellness, especially on social media. A quick scroll down the feed of your favorite platform reveals lots of discussion about do’s and don’ts, as well as up and coming tends.

But along with this, I’ve been noticing an increasing trend that can only be described as a superiority complex. People are arguing more than ever about health.

Let’s get one thing straight: you’re not better than someone else if you’re doing great things for your health. FULL STOP.

People are doing the best that they can. Including you, and me, and the person that we may or may not be judging. They need compassion, support, and kindness. And they need you to be ready with un-judgey opinions and resources to help them when they reach the point of committing to a health and wellness journey (like you once did). Remember when you were that person that didn’t know what you now know? Put yourself in their shoes and remember how you felt. And now maybe put down the celery juice and stop scrolling on Instagram.

In this episode, I explore why this type of elitist attitude isn’t helping. The fighting and arguing is doing two things: confusing people about what’s right for them (see Episode 178 for more on that) and leaving lots of people out of the conversation when it comes to health and wellness (see episode 143). Eyes on your own plate is a good first step. But it also takes recognizing that there are other structures and systems in place that make it harder for some people to access the components of health and wellness that we talk so much about is quite another.

On Today’s Episode

  • The disturbing trend I’ve been noticing lately in health / wellness circles
  • What to do (and not) if you notice someone who could benefit from making healthier changes
  • Why health and wellness are complex, layered, and contain many intersections
  • …and more

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