How I Finally Stopped Hating My Job

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A healthy lifestyle is about so much more than the food you put in your mouth.

What you eat’s just part of the equation, and today I’m sharing a little nugget with you about how my job was killing me…and what I did about it. (And, what you can do if you feel the same about yours.)

If you want the answer to how I finally stopped hating my job, here it is:

I’d been teaching high school chemistry and biology for a dozen years. After year seven, I got an icky feeling deep down in my gut that it wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing with my life.

(Parallel story: In 2010, I went Paleo and I loved to cook, so I started putting recipes on my personal blog. about 18 months later, some friends suggested I start a food blog, and Stupid Easy Paleo was born. It was 100% a hobby, and I never thought anything would come of it.)

By 2012, I felt hopelessly trapped by the four walls of my classroom. Something had to change, but with no clear options, there was nothing I could do but engage in a pointless emotional cha-cha.

Serendipity…or What I Like to Call “Getting Really Freaking Lucky”

By that year’s end, Stupid Easy Paleo was starting to gain some traction. Friends were asking me for nutrition advice, and I was spending the weekends blogging recipes.

So, I hatched a plan that I’d combine my formal education in science, years of teaching experience and love of food into my new career. But, I had no freaking clue how it was actually going to happen.

By a serendipitous sequences of clicks from a friend’s website, I learned about a program called B-School.

What happened next changed everything.

B-School’s a program for online entrepreneurs, especially ones who want to turn their passion into a business. As I watched the free videos, my excitement grew because I knew that this. was. it. As soon as I heard Marie Forleo, B-School creator, describing big-hearted, multi-passionate entrepreneurs, it was like she was staring right into my soul.

Honestly, I was worried about the cost (since my little blog was making zero dollars), but remember how much I hated my job? I took the leap and signed up.

See, here’s the thing. I knew nothing (NOTHING) about business. Nada. I knew how to teach, and I sorta knew about blogs.

(Turns out, I really didn’t know much about blogging.)

B-School changed everything for me. Through the program, I found my own voice, gathered the skills to run a website that didn’t suck, and figured out how to authentically connect with my audience.

Most importantly, it reinforced the core values I’ve held dear since day one: Help people by solving problems for them, consistently offer amazing content, and be a damn nice person. And you know what? It’s worked.

I quit the job that I hated in June of 2013, and I haven’t looked back, because I finally had the confidence and skills to move forward.

B-School paid for itself within the first 6 months. Since then, Stupid Easy Paleo’s grown into an award-winning website; I’ve written two top-ranking books; I’ve traveled around the country (and the world) talking to people about nutrition; and I’ve found financial security doing WHAT I LOVE.

Talk about a win-win-win-win.

So why am I telling you about all this?

B-School starts for the year on March 9th, and I want you to be on my team.

I know how it feels to want to turn your passion for food and healthy lifestyles into a career but being clueless about how to do it. I was there, too. And now, I’m stepping up to the plate (seriously no pun intended) to mentor you.

That’s right. I’m offering you personal support for B-School if you sign up through me*.

I’m ready to mentor my face off and help guide YOU to a “business and a life you love” (as Marie says it). Because if I got away from a job I hated and created one I love, so can you.

Over the next week, you’ll get access to three killer (free) training videos with over an hour of super-rich B-School content. That way, you see what it’s all about without having to commit. (Come on now, I know you like those Costco sample days! Try before you buy!)

How to watch? Click the banner below to get your free business training videos.

If you like what you hear and you want to join B-School—and get personal mentoring from me—here’s what I’m offering you for the duration of B-School when you enroll between February 18th and March 4th:

  • Access to my private business Facebook group that’s ONLY for people who sign up on my B-School team.
  • Weekly emails offering you support, guidance, and other really good stuff.
  • My Instagram ebook, Food Blogging on Instagram. (It’s chock full of my secrets for growing your IG account like crazy and reveals how mine blew up 4000% in one year.)
  • The Life After Christmas ebook from my super-good pal, Dave Conrey of Fresh Rag. (It’s an essential read all about branding your biz.)

Click here to see alllllll the juicy details!

Pretty sweet, right? B-School offers tons of amazing support, and I’ll be right there alongside you to be a shoulder to lean on…or a foot to kick you in the butt to get you going.

FAQ About B-School

What is it?

B-School’s a 8-week online program about how to turn your online passion—food blogging, health coaching, jewelry making, dog training, whatever!—into a business. It’s got weekly video modules and a decent amount of homework.

Can I do B-School if I’m working full time?

Each week a new module is released, and it’s encouraged that you work on it when it comes out. That way, if you hop on the B-School calls or my Facebook group, you’ll be up to date! I watched videos after work and did most of my homework on the weekends. It’s totally doable if you’re working full-time.

Is B-School for everyone?

Honestly, no. You have to be willing to do the work, be ready to really think think think about your business, and do some important work. If you’re not at that point yet, I’d say to skip it until next year.

How often does B-School happen?

Once a year! That’s why if you’re thinking about doing it, I’d take advantage of it now!

What if I’ve already started a business?

That’s probably the perfect time to do B-School. If you have products and services, a website, and a client base (even if it’s small), B-School is perfect for refining what you offer to the world.

I personally invite you to watch the three free training videos, even if you’re the just the teeniest tiniest bit curious, and I really want to help support you as you go through B-School.

I’ll be sending out some reminders once the enrollment period is open!

In the meantime, let me know what questions YOU have about B-School! Leave them in the comments below!

*I did B-School in 2013, and it changed my life. I whole-heartedly believe in the program and what it can do for you. I’m a B-School affiliate partner, and may earn a referral fee if you sign up for the program using my links.

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