Alissa Frazier is a white woman with brown hair wearing a tweed jacket

How To Be Resilient Against Multiple Sclerosis w/ Alissa Frazier – Harder to Kill Radio 187

Alissa Frazier was sent into a spiral of confusion after her multiple sclerosis diagnosis at the age of twenty-three. Not knowing where to turn or how to best help treat her symptoms, Alissa created LissMS to help others navigate the no-mans land of an MS diagnosis.

Now a Nutritional Therapy Consultant and AIP coach, Alissa helps spread the information she has learned to prevent others from suffering. Today she is here to shine a light on this invisible illness and create a space to feel comfortable expressing how you feel both physically and emotionally.
Alissa Frazier is a white woman with brown hair wearing a tweed jacket

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About Alissa Frazier

If you have ever been curious about the massive role nutrition plays in MS symptoms and overall health, how stress and sleep management can impact your ability to cope with a diagnosis, or the importance your mindset plays when trying to heal, Alissa is here to answer all of your questions. By creating an open dialogue around MS, Alissa hopes to share the knowledge that she wishes she knew when she was diagnosed, and create a better healing environment for others.

An advocate for doing what works for your body, using nutrition as a guiding force for your health, and focusing on gut healing and proper digestion, Alissa is dismissing the ‘one size fits all’ approach to health and nutrition one MS case at a time. If you are ready to remove the victim mentality surrounding your symptoms and embrace a healing mindset, Alissa is here to help guide you on your journey.

Has MS impacted you or someone you love? How have you fought against the symptoms? Let us know what you think about Alissa’s story and recommendations in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

  • How to keep a positive mindset when dealing with an invisible illness
  • The importance of managing your stress, resting and digesting for MS symptoms
  • Using the AIP diet to help reduce inflammation and repair your body
  • Exploring the benefits of AIP for people with autoimmune diseases
  • Embracing bioindividuality and finding what works for your unique body

Resources Mentioned In This Show


“The whole invisible illness thing is a trip for sure. But I think it has kind of played out in how I approach things and how people approach me.” (19:35)

“It’s hard to say whether or not I would have done all of that [treatment] 10 years ago. But I wish at least I knew about it 10 years ago.” (25:59)

“Paleo is meant to be a sort of discovery, so you can learn your body, learn the language of your body, learn how foods affect your body, and then create your own healing diet template from there.” (38:59)

“Everyone is obviously different and going to be different. And one size fits all approaches are really doing a disservice to people.” (50:35)

“It’s really just about me becoming me, and taking on things that usually scare the crap out of me.” (53:19)

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Harder To Kill Radio 187 How To Be Resilient Against Multiple Sclerosis w/ Alissa Frazier

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