How To Break Out Of The Societal Box w/ Allison Tenney – Harder To Kill Radio #157

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The conversation around representation and inclusivity in the wellness space is multilayered and is incredibly important when understanding how to support women in the fitness industry. My guest today, Allison Tenney, is cutting through the BS and diving in deep on addressing everything from body autonomy to social justice issues.

Harder To Kill Radio 157: How To Break Out Of The Societal Box w/ Allison Tenney

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About Allison Tenney

A passionate soccer player, coach, RKC Certified kettlebell trainer and all around great girl, Allison is here to share her story and news on her truly transformative summit. Allison believes in lifting women up, breaking out of the standard societal box, and acknowledging systematic oppression for a better world. She is an advocate for removing barriers surrounding health, strength, and finding your own voice.

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On Today’s Episode

  • Owning your inner power and your autonomy over your body
  • Why kettlebells are one of the most approachable strength training tools
  • Recognizing the messaging that you do not need to choose for yourself
  • Learning from your past mistakes and the importance of multiple lenses
  • Learn about fitness, nutrition and how you can apply it to your life

Resources Mentioned In This Show

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“Yes athletes are disciplined, and they are hard workers and they know how to work in a team and they have grit, and they have all these skills that are team sport oriented. But it’s hard to then know what to do with that identity.” (8:03)

“The more I saw those benefits of like, wow if I can swing a kettlebell I can build strength, build stability, get my cardio in, all these massive benefits for myself, and I could teach it to my athletes or my clients. Like this is great, let’s check all of these boxes.” (16:50)

“Everything we are sold from diet culture to fitness culture, everything is geared around shoving us into this small box. And I’m kind of like enough. Enough with your small box. I want to take up space, I want to use my voice, I want to be able to define what is important to me and how that shows up in my life, just like every other person should be able to do for them.” (20:06)

“You can’t just get the feedback and then feel bad about yourself and then decide to do nothing or just let it go. To me, it’s about how you are going to take that feedback and take action with it.” (31:30)

“You don’t have to compromise pieces of who you are to show up as your full self.” (40:26)

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Harder To Kill Radio 157: How To Break Out Of The Societal Box w/ Allison Tenney

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