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How to Build a Stronger Body – Harder to Kill Radio 134

Strength is about so much more than just slanging barbells. And when you build a stronger body, you build a stronger mind. That’s what this episode, and my second pillar of health, is all about.

How to Build a Stronger Body |

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How to Build a Stronger Body

When I first shifted my focus to getting stronger to see what my body could do instead of just focusing solely on how it looked, it was absolutely instrumental in changing my life. But when it comes to getting stronger, you may be intimidated, confused, and scared about getting started, albeit curious.

Truthfully, strength isn’t just about slanging barbells, although that aspect can be so empowering and fun. The bottom line is: lifting weights may not be for you and you don’t have to do it if you don’t like it. Period.

No one is here to shame you for doing yoga or TRX or whatever it is you do to move your body. In the long run, it’s more important that you’re doing something that you like because you’ll stick with it and be consistent.

You can strengthen your body in so many different ways.

That being said, building a stronger body through strength/weight/resistance training of several kinds can be fast, efficient, and has a ton of benefits like better balance and coordination, improved bone density, and more self-confidence.

The framework around how to Strengthen Your Body has a few key points:

  • Movement is broader than just exercise.
  • When it comes to strength, function and capacity matter more than looks.
  • A strong body needs regular maintenance.
  • Strength is about more than the physical.

My Harder to Kill Challenge dives more into these points and has you take action around them.

On Today’s Episode, I’m Talking About…

  • My second pillar of health, Strengthen Your Body
  • The different facets of strength to consider
  • Function vs. Aesthetics
  • How to care for your meatsuit

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