Harder To Kill Radio 185 How To Conquer Your Skin Issues w/ Jennifer Fugo

How To Conquer Your Skin Issues w/ Jennifer Fugo – Harder to Kill Radio 185

The first time Jennifer Fugo was on Harder to Kill Radio, she educated us on the impact gluten can have on how your whole body functions. Throughout her research, Jennifer realized that while food is a mitigating factor in how your body operates, it is not the only trigger that can be impacting your health.

After struggling with eczema and skin rashes herself, the connection between skin, nutrition, and looking at your symptoms from a whole holistic point of view became the clear answer to finding solutions to chronic skin issues.

Harder To Kill Radio 185 How To Conquer Your Skin Issues w/ Jennifer Fugo

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About Jennifer Fugo

With a new found passion to help chronic skin rash patients understand their options and find better, individualized treatment, Jennifer started Skinterrupt to open up the dialogue for improved care that really works. Today she takes the judgment out of skin issues and explains the importance of looking at your symptoms from the inside-out and the outside-in to finally find relief. Everything from why psoriasis is actually an autoimmune disease to reasons coconut oil may not be as good for your skin as you think is are on the table today, so get ready for an information-packed episode.

Chronic skin issues can leave you feeling trapped, isolated and alone. Jennifer is here to make sure you know that there are others out there battling the same battle, and there are options out there to help you get better. This episode is all about giving people hope and engaging in a conversation that drives meaningful change for those struggling.

Have you or someone you love been impacted by chronic skin conditions? Share with us in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

  • Addressing the lack of care and empathy for chronic skin rash conditions
  • Looking deeper at the root causes that are driving your skin condition
  • Examples of big picture triggers that may be impacting your skin health
  • Understanding the unique differences found in the skin microbiome
  • Rethinking the way you take care of your skin to provide yourself with options

Resources Mentioned In This Show


“My reason for ‘why’ is wanting to help people who are chronically suffering, and I don’t mind being the person who carries this heavy burden.” (7:45)

“I just want to let this community know that I see you, and I also hear you. And I want to be that person that is connecting you with the options that your doctor is not telling you about, and hopefully, we can change the way we address these conditions.” (9:52)

“It is possible to not have to just live with the concept of managing the flares, and living in a constant state of fear that one day your skin will be okay and the next it will just blow up.” (26:24)

“If you are feeling alone because you have one of these conditions, and you feel like nobody is experiencing this type of isolation and loneliness and pain and discomfort, you are really not alone.” (36:06)

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Harder To Kill Radio 185 How To Conquer Your Skin Issues w/ Jennifer Fugo

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Jennifer. My husband’s uncle has somehow contracted (if that is the correct word) PRP (pityriasis rubra pilaris). His wife has researched extensively and has tried many things to help his condition, but not much works. He is over 70 years old and has had the condition for 12 or more months. They have tried a lot of natural types of products, but he sometimes goes back to Acetretin. Have you heard of this and, if so, have you had any experience in helping people who have it. It is very rare and dermatologists don’t know why people get it or how to treat it. His skin peels off in sheets all over his body. He has all the add-on problems that not everyone with PRP gets, soles. palms, nails, eye problems etc. His optician said that although he has the awful looking discharges from the eyes (common with PRP) his eyesight is still 20/20 and better than 50% of people with 20/20 vision. If you can help at all with some recommendations, we would really appreciate it. I will pass on anything that may help to them if you get back to me. Thank you in advance. Donna Norris, Palm Cove Australia.

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