How to Survive the Holidays – Harder to Kill Radio #146

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Want to make it through the holiday season with your sanity intact?

How to Survive the Holidays – Harder to Kill Radio 146 |

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How to Survive the Holidays

Next week is the unofficial start of the holiday season with the arrival of Halloween. The last two months in the year are often the most challenging: food temptations, stressful travel, a dwindling bank account, and awkward family & social interactions can leave your willpower drained.

It’s common to fall into the “fuck it all” mentality and YOLO everything OR try to strictly diet through the holidays which requires massive amounts of willpower…and sometimes a rebound binge.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Not this year and not on my watch. In this episode, I’m sharing a mindset and set of strategies for making it through the holidays without having to dig out of a massive hole come January.

Learn simple steps for creating a solid foundation that will carry you through the next two months without the need for old New Year diet routine.

On Today’s Episode

  • Learn a new perspective to take with you into this holiday season
  • Why strict dieting and the YOLO approach both set you up for failure
  • Steps for maintaining a solid foundation that’ll get you through the holidays

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