How To Thrive In a Hectic World with Dr. Alessandra Wall: Harder to Kill Radio 004

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Harder to Kill Radio 004 - Dr. Alessandra Wall |

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When you really think about it, do you just want to survive…or do you want to thrive?

My guest today is filling you in on some practical advice for thriving in a modern, hectic world.

Dr. Alessandra Wall of Life in Focus SD knows what it takes to find balance despite wearing multiple hats as a therapist, CrossFit coach, wife, mom and board chair of Empower Charter School here in San Diego, CA. She’s a busy woman who nevertheless finds time to pursue her passion of helping people thrive and find real wealth.

In this episode, Dr. Wall and I talk about the difference between surviving and thriving, the exact steps to take to find more balance in life, and as an athlete, how to deal with injury. Not only is she someone I admire as a fellow entrepreneur, she’s a close personal friend and someone I greatly look up to. I know you’re going to get a ton out of today’s episode of Harder to Kill Radio.

Also, you may remember from earlier episodes, I mentioned new episodes of Harder to Kill Radio would be published every other week. Well, the response has been so enthusiastic that I’ve already decided to make this a weekly show. I’m bursting to bring you the inspiring stories of my guests so please enjoy the new weekly format!

In This Show, You’ll Learn:

  • Why people often feel overwhelmed with their interests.
  • The exact steps to take to find more balance in your life.
  • How to create the ultimate narrative for dreaming big, and why adults need to do it.
  • What “life procrastination” is and how to avoid it.
  • What it truly means to thrive.
  • How to deal with injuries and setbacks.

Links and Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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I’ll see you again soon for Episode 5 with my first international guests who talk about healing and opting back into health after a natural disaster. It’s a really inspiring episode!

Harder to Kill Radio 004 - Dr. Alessandra Wall |

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