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I Love Me: Harder to Kill Radio S2E5

I love me. This isn’t a podcast about me, Steph. It’s an exploration into the concept of self-love.

I Love Me | StupidEasyPaleo.com

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You don’t have to go far around the interwebz these days to be hit with coaches, influencers, and regular folks talking about their journeys into self-love…

…and why lack of self-love is the key that explains our suffering.

But my cohost today, Dr. Anastasia Boulais, brings another point of view to this concept.

She argues that instead of intense focus on self, there’s another very crucial area we, as humans living in a modern world, need to put some energy into to feel complete.

Taking care of self is vitally important. But to complete the loop, we need others, too.

Anastasia and I chat about everything from neurotransmitters to sex and everything in between in this episode. And we come to a surprising conclusion about the most impactful ways to remedy our human loneliness.

Be prepared to have everything you’ve assumed to be true challenged in this episode of Harder to Kill Radio.

In This Episode of Harder to Kill Radio, We Cover:

  • the subtle distinctions between self-love, self-esteem, and self-care.
  • the neurotransmitter cycle needed for a healthy sense of self.
  • how that cycle is broken in today’s modern world.
  • how you can begin to repair the breaks in the cycle.
  • …and a lot more.

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6 Responses

  1. I’m one of the three guys who are listening to your show. And I wanted to say:There are knowledge “nugget”, and knowledge “bombs”, but this episode was a knowledge “nuke”. As a truck driver who listens to hundreds of hours of podcasting, every week, this is my all-time favorite podcast episode, ever. This entire episode was chock full of information that resonated with me in so many ways. My very first introduction to the world of Podcasting, was Sam Crowley, “Everyday is Saturday,” a couple years ago. He talked about success and business as an airplane, and if you want it to take off, you need to build a runway that is suitable for the size of your plane, and to seek opportunities to build that runway, piece by piece. Since then, I’ve accumulated sever pieces of runway, and this episode laid the most grelueling, but much necessary piece, the asphalt that is binding all those pieces together.

    You see, as a truck driver who doesn’t have access to fancy gyms, or a kitchen, I’ve been working hard on my weight loss, and have managed to lose 75#. While I am working to continue my health journey, I really want to reach out and help others, and have found that the hardest part, for most, is getting started. I want to help reach out, particularly to women, because there is so much opposition preventing many girls from becoming the person that they could or should be. (I’m not talking about wearing a vagina hat, and talking about blowing up government establishments, but I’m talking about empowering women, and girls, to be more competitive, and raise the bar for men who are seeking “easy scores” and leaving their conquers as nothing more than just that. )

    Anyways, I’ve been tinkering with a lot of ideas on how to use what I have to launch my message, and this podcast completely solidified everything. I’m going to make a series of videos in the next few weeks, and I am so grateful for your podcast relaunch, which has helped tremendously. Thank you for being so awesome.

    1. Hey James! I’m really glad that the show helped you gain clarity about how you want to help others. That’s all we could ever hope for!

      Sky’s the limit!

  2. This episode was fantastic – I actually listened to it twice! When so much of the health and fitness media that I consume focuses on improving the self (mindfulness, taking time for “you”, etc), this was a great reminder that helping/caring/being with others is just as important and beneficial!

    I also really loved the cortisol, dopamine, seratonin, oxytocin discussion. Most of the time I’ve read about each of these hormones on their own, never in context of how they chain in our bodies.

    This episode really caused me to think about my own “self-love” practices and evaluate ways I may be able to practice it by helping others. I’m loving season 2 of the podcast and can’t wait to hear what’s next!

    1. Hi Liz, Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I’m sure you’ll find more valuable information exploring the site. Have fun!

  3. I just wanted to let you know we use your tortilla shells to make Manicotti or panini sandwiches. They work great!

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