The Importance Of Feeling At Home In Your Body w/ Molly Galbraith – Harder To Kill Radio #147

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Molly Galbraith is an amazing woman who is using her organization, Girls Gone Strong, to work towards big issues that are timely and important in the world today. Girls Gone Strong works to provide high-quality free education to women and continues to be a thought leader in the fitness industry. In this special episode, we are tackling important issues such as sexual harassment, marginalization, objectification, and much more.

Harder To Kill Radio 147: The Importance Of Feeling At Home In Your Body w/ Molly Galbraith

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About Molly Galbraith

True health is not about what you can squat at the gym or the number of the scale, it is about creating an environment in which you feel at home in your body. Molly realized early on that health is about more than squats and protein, so she created a space in which topics such as body image, mental health, and body autonomy are an open conversation. Today she is bringing that open discussion to Harder to Kill Radio to help women experience an improved quality of life on a day to day basis.

By creating value, servicing your community and opening yourself up to having difficult conversations, it is possible to create an environment where everyone can envision their own version of health and wellness.

What do you think about the free dialogue promoted through Girls Gone Strong? Let us know in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

  • Harnessing emotional resilience as your superpower
  • How having hard conversations has strengthened the GGS mission
  • Rechecking your position of privilege through education
  • Ways you can start expanding your own awareness
  • Using the skills and resources already available to you to leverage change

Resources Mentioned In This Show

Free 5 Day Sexual Assault and Harassment Course

GGS-1 Coaching Certification

Girls Gone Strong Website

Girls Gone Strong Blog

Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown

Mark Fisher Fitness

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“We all had this mission of wanting to spread the gospel of strength training to other women because it had changed our lives so profoundly. So that’s what Girls Gone Strong started as, and we had no idea what it was going to be when it started, but I knew in my bones that it would change the world” (5:16)

“I didn’t have the visceral understanding of the fact that it’s not about diversity and inclusion, it’s about dignity and justice” (11:02)

“It’s like someone turns on a light when you didn’t even know you were sitting in the dark. And for me that has been like the best way to explain [social justice], you can’t see it because you just don’t have the context for it” (22:36)

“There are all of these different ways that we can create change, and it does have to come from the bottom up and from the top down.” (47:17)

“You can do it, and you can start creating massive change quickly. It just might be in your own community, in your own family, in your own little circle, first.” (55:44)

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Harder To Kill Radio 147: The Importance Of Feeling At Home In Your Body w/ Molly Galbraith

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