graphic for imposter syndrome podcast episode 194 of Harder to Kill Radio

Imposter Syndrome – Harder to Kill Radio 194

What can you do when imposter syndrome strikes? In this episode I’m sharing 5 strategies that help me move past it.

graphic for imposter syndrome podcast episode 194 of Harder to Kill Radio

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How I Deal With Imposter Syndrome

Pretty much everyone I know has been stricken by imposter syndrome at one point or another. It’s that feeling that – especially when you’re about to do something big – that you’re a complete fraud and everyone else is gonna find out how unqualified and phony you really are. For some people, imposter syndrome is a nuisance-like mosquito buzzing in their ear. For others, it’s a voice so loud that it can shut them down from sharing their goodness and gifts with the world.

I’m not the world’s foremost expert on imposter syndrome, but as a human that’s lived with it for most of my life, I’ve developed a few ways to deal with it when it comes up. In this episode, I’m sharing five strategies I mix and match to move past feelings of being an imposter. Maybe some of them will resonate for you!

On Today’s Episode

  • Imposter syndrome in a nutshell
  • Other factors besides the obvious that play into imposter syndrome
  • 5 strategies that have helped me move through imposter syndrome

Resources Mentioned In This Show

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