How To Integrate Movement Into Your Life – And Enjoy It w/ Katy Bowman – Harder To Kill Radio #111

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Walking into Katy Bowman’s house you won’t find a couch in her living room. One of the guests for whom I receive the most requests to have on the show, Katy is the creator of Nutritious Movement, an author, and hosts an award-winning podcast. Nutritious Movement works to help people create a more balanced and healthy movement diet. This means rethinking the frequency and enjoyment you find when you move your body.

Katy’s goal is to help people start moving more, exercising more, and enjoying their movement. By creating a system of low intensity but constant movement you will be able to enhance what your body is able to do. Our society has built up a negative connotation around constantly moving, and Katy is here to change that perception. Start enjoying your body again and join the movement revolution with today’s episode.

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Harder To Kill Radio 111: How To Integrate Movement Into Your Life - And Enjoy It w/ Katy Bowman

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About Katy Bowman

With a background in biomechanics, Katy looks at the body the way an engineer would. Long ago, she realized that there was something wrong with the way our bodies are reacting to constantly sitting all the time. She challenges our permission-based culture and helps people all over the world to fall back in love with the power of the human body.

How do you creatively incorporate movement into your daily life? Let us know in the comments so we can try it out as well!

On Today’s Episode

  • Simple ways to help ease more movement into your day
  • The effects our often sedentary lifestyles have on our bodies
  • Why you might want to rethink the way you sit
  • How to change the geometry of your household
  • Removing the shame from movement

Resources Mentioned In This Show

Nutritious Movement Website

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Move Your DNA Podcast


“I’ve always preferred to train in extremes, if that makes sense. I would not choose to lay around outside on a 110-degree day but I wouldn’t mind going for a hike or a walk, because once I get moving I find that cooling.” (8:57)

“If you have a floor you have a built-in training program to maintain the capacity and the function of your knees, hips, ankles, and spines, it’s just that we never take it all the way.” (16:35)

“It’s not an aversion to comfort, it’s simply trying to change the geometry of my household, it’s really that simple. I want the places for my butt to rest to be different than the places that my butt has been resting for the past 40 years.” (34:07)

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Harder To Kill Radio 111: How To Integrate Movement Into Your Life - And Enjoy It w/ Katy Bowman

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