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369 Introducing the Fuel Your Strength Podcast

Introducing the Fuel Your Strength Podcast

Since I left teaching to start my own company nine years ago, my business has changed a lot. From Stupid Easy Paleo to Harder to Kill, to now Listen to Your Body, I try my hardest to stay transparent about how messy entrepreneurship and life can be. Now, I am ready to announce a new chapter in this journey, one that I hope you are as excited about as I am.

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Key Takeaways

When Listening to the Fuel Your Strength Podcast, I Hope You:

  1. Remember my goals of being transparent and following my heart
  2. Relate to my changing business goals when being presented with new information
  3. Know that my dedication to this content only grows stronger with each business pivot

New Name, Similar Mission

I try my very best to only get behind something if in my body or mind it is a definite ‘hell yes’. Part of this process means changing course or pivoting when presented with new information or different viewpoints and perspectives you may have considered before. 

I am pleased to announce the new name of my podcast, the Fuel Your Strength Podcast. This new name is really a better fit that connects more cohesively with my mission, the content I love to create, and the community that I love to work with.

The Future of Fuel Your Strength

I love working with athletic women in the range of their 40s who really want to fuel smarter. I am passionate about helping women step into their strength at any age and combating the idea that life after 40 means accepting defeat. This new podcast will bring you evidence-based strategies for nutrition, training, and recovery so that you can continue to feel strong in your body and your life as a result. 

I cannot wait to take this show into the future, and I cannot wait for you to join me in this new chapter.

What are you hoping to hear about on the new Fuel Your Strength Podcast? Let me know your thoughts on the new name with me in the comments below.

In This Episode

  • Gather round for a true story from my past that I can’t wait to tell you (0:27)
  • Lessons from my entrepreneurial journey that may help you in your journey whatever that may be (4:25)
  • An exciting announcement about this podcast and what to expect going forward (7:04)
  • Why you should keep challenging yourself at any age (11:58)
  • What I hope you see when you look at my back catalog and my content going forward (13:21)


“It goes to show that there are sometimes these different places that we come from, and I came from the world of education, and yet here I am still doing what I love, coaching, helping women with their nutrition… and it’s just been such an amazing career I have had in this phase of my life.”  (4:10)

“As much as possible I try to share those things with you, about how much things have changed, about how my way of thinking about certain things has evolved, about how when I started this journey in 2013 of working for myself, it in some ways looked nothing like it does now.” (6:20)

“When we help women build their strength, it is incredible what else changes in the process.” (6:43)

“If I could say there was one thing that I was put on this planet to do, it is to talk about strength, to relay that message, to introduce it to people, to help support you as you are going through your own process of lifting and learning how to do it and understanding how you need to provide your body with the things it really needs to lift strong and recover well, and really see the results that you want.” (10:25)

“We all start somewhere. And it is okay to change and evolve and grow, especially when faced with new information or presented with different viewpoints and perspectives.” (13:53)

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Introducing the Fuel Your Strength Podcast

Steph Gaudreau
Gather around, dear listener, on today’s podcast, I’m doing something a little different. I’m going to tell you a bit of a story, and then give you some very exciting news. And we’re going to end this show in a very unconventional way with something brand new right at the end. So stay tuned for all of the goodness. So here’s the story. On the very last day of my 12-year teaching career, I split my shorts, right down the butt crack. This is an absolutely true story you can verify with my husband. We were talking about this earlier, and he recalled the story perfectly. So it definitely happened. So what occurred was on the last day of school of the whole school year, it was June 2013. I was cleaning up my classroom because I was about to embark on a year’s leave of absence from my job. I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen in the year to come. But I was granted a leave of absence so that I could go and do my thing and try to start my own business. As I was cleaning up my classroom, I bent down to pick up the mini-fridge that I had in my classroom, and boom, the shorts let go. And I guess they just couldn’t contain my strong legs any longer. They were definitely inferior shorts, not up for the job. So to remedy this very awkward situation. I decided to put on a lab coat to literally cover my ass for the rest of the day so that I could finish out my last day of work and leave without showing anyone my underwear. And of course, I was teaching chemistry at the time. And so a lab coat was something I had hanging around.

And I, at one point in the morning went to the restroom. And I ran into the department chair, who was absolutely insufferable and hated me since the moment I stepped foot in that school. And I don’t to this day know why she was such a pain, but she didn’t really like me. And if it wasn’t for my coworker Haley. who I don’t know she’ll ever hear this. But Haley, thank you so much for all of your friendship because without you I wouldn’t have made it. The department chair saw me in the bathroom and she kind of tossed her nose up in the air and said very snidely. Oh, doing a lab on the last day of school. And I shot right back and said something like, no Myrna, I just ripped a giant hole in the back of my shorts. What about it. And she just kind of looked at me in this stunned silence. And that’s how the last day of my teaching career slash the first day of entrepreneurship went for me. That was nine years ago, it was 2013. I never did go back to the classroom, I had my one-year leave of absence. And then in that one year, I really took my food blog and made it into my business, I wrote a cookbook. It was a really amazing and busy year. And a lot has changed since then.

And I tell you that story because I think it’s funny, and B, it just kind of goes to show that there are sometimes these different places that we come from. And I came from the world of education. And yet here I am still doing what I love coaching and helping women with their nutrition, specifically women who are into strength training and who are really active and athletic. And it’s just been such an amazing career that I’ve had in this phase of my life. And the thing is that over those nine years, my business has changed a lot. And the thing is that I have tried my very best to do a couple of things. And maybe these will be lessons for you in some way, shape, or form. The first one is that I’ve tried my very best to follow my heart. I am someone who has a very strong mind heart battle that goes on all the time, where I am constantly thinking and analyzing and that’s the science person in me thinking and analyzing and coming trying to come up with the best right answer and at the same time I am so pulled by my heart and my intuition and if it doesn’t feel All like a hell yes in my body or in my mind, then I just have a really hard time getting behind whatever that thing is.

So over the years, I’ve really tried to follow my heart to follow what feels joyful to follow what feels fun and expansive, and light. And like it’s making a difference. The second thing I’ve really tried to do is be transparent, as transparent as possible with you about how messy having a business and being an entrepreneur can really be and how messy business is and how messy life can be. I’ve shared very openly on this show some of the major changes that I’ve had in my business, for example, in 2018, when I rebranded away from Stupid, Easy Paleo to what I’m doing now, or when I changed the podcast name, from Harder To Kill radio to Listen To Your Body podcast. And as much as possible, I tried to share those things with you about how things have changed how my way of thinking about certain things has evolved, about how when I started this journey, in 2013, of working for myself, in some ways, looks nothing like it does now. And in other ways, there are things that are similar and things that have continued over time, like for example, how passionate I am about strength and release strength training and how it can be a catalyst, I believe, to a more expansive life when we help women build their strength, it is incredible what else changes in the process.

So with that in mind, following my heart, and trying to be as transparent with you as possible. I’m excited to tell you that as of right now, I have changed the name of this podcast. Yes, again. And that’s okay. So instead of the Listen To Your Body Podcast, the podcast is now the drumroll, please. The Fuel Your Strength podcast. And I feel just so incredible about this name change. Now, I’ll give you a little bit of an insider peek. There are so many podcasts out there in the world. Now, when I first started listening to podcasts was probably 2012. So probably 10 years ago, maybe a smidge more than that. And I remember listening to Amy Porterfield’s podcast way back in the day. And she’s still doing her as much as incredible. And there were some other health podcasts that I listened to as well. And I just thought, okay, podcasting seems like this really kind of niche thing. And now it is exploded into this medium for connection and telling stories and relaying information in a more digestible format.

Rather than sitting down and reading a blog, you can really take a podcast, anywhere you go and consume that content, which is really, really cool. It really meets you, I think, where you’re at in a lot of cases. So podcasting has changed a lot, there’s a lot more competition in particular niches. I remember back when the harder to kill radio podcast was, you know, when I first started it in 2015, there, it was relatively easy for me to be at the top of the charts, I was top 20 in health and fitness for quite some time on and off. And that’s a lot harder now. And I think podcasting has become a little bit more sophisticated and a little bit more narrow down a little bit more niche if you will, where you can really connect to the people who you’re really great at serving that, you know, you can help that you know you have common interests with. And I think that’s the wonderful thing about podcasting, it is hard to name a podcast.

Oh my goodness, it is incredibly, incredibly hard. So we started with the Harder To Kill radio podcast, and that was back in 2015 and then renamed to Listen To Your body podcast. And in 2021, I pivoted my content really back to more strength training and the nutrition that you need for building strength and how to recover properly, and how to lift in a way that really gets you the results that you want. And it really became apparent at that point that even though I had pivoted back a little bit away from that after the book came out in 2019 that that’s really where my heart is. If I could say there’s one thing I was put on this planet to do it is to talk about string aim to relay that message to introduce it to people to help support you as you’re going through your own process of lifting and learning how to do it and understanding how you need to provide your body with the things that it really needs in order for you to lift, strong and recover well and really see the results that you want.

So this new name really represents a better fit between my mission, and the content, I love creating, whether it’s this podcast, it’s the private podcast, which if you haven’t listened to that yet, go check out. That’s my six-episode podcast called Stuck To Strong. Or, of course, my program is Strength Nutrition Unlocked, which I just love, because I love seeing women succeed and feel so much stronger and have so much more energy and hit prs and it just is the best. So all of these things are really the kind of content that I love to create for you. And of course, the community that I love working with athletic women who are in the range of their 40s. And maybe approaching just about there, or maybe just past I’m 43, who really want to feel smarter, you know, you need to eat a little bit smarter, that you can’t necessarily do the same things you did in your 20s and your 30s.

Or you’re trying to do similar things into your late 40s and 50s or beyond that, you did when you were younger, and you’re like this isn’t working anymore. I love helping you. That’s who I love working with because it is just so gratifying. So heartwarming to see that you with some usually small tweaks here and there can really start to step into the strength that you want at any age. Right. And I think that that’s such a narrative that I really want to push back against in the world is that 40 means life is over. Or we just have to concede defeat, and think, Well, we can’t ever do anything challenging, you know, we have to kind of pack it in and just only stick to low key stuff. Hey, you know what, if you want to challenge yourself, if you love doing hard shit, like, yes, I want to help you do that. So let it be known. I am now officially igniting this podcast, the Fuel Your Strength podcast. And on just some technical notes.

This is the same feed of the old podcast names so you don’t have to do anything different. If you’re hearing this show, and you subscribed to the old show name, you’re still subscribed, you don’t have to change a single thing. And there are all the back episodes that will remain. I have to tell you one of the biggest things, again I kind of went back and forth with both my Podcast Producer and my friend, Angie Jordan, who is an expert in podcasting. I asked both of them, I thought, you know, what do you think I should do? Should I create a new feed? Should I keep the old one going? And it’s a big question that a lot of people have, especially people who make content, whether they’re podcasting or blogging, etcetera, is, you know, what do I do? Do I keep the old content? Do I move it? Do I delete it? Do I keep going? What should I do with that content?

And so my best answer here is keeping it and I think it speaks to a few things a progression, be that where we all start somewhere. And that it’s okay to change and evolve and grow, especially when faced with new information or when presented with different viewpoints and perspectives. And I think the show has really taken that trajectory over the years. And I hope that when you look in the back catalog, that’s what you’ll see. And you’ll also see that if you have a desire and a passion for sharing your expertise with the world, or starting a business or whatever it is, is that just start, just start. It’s not going to be perfect, ever, ever, ever. And you’re definitely going to have things that you look back at and think, oh my gosh, this is so bad. Or ‘wow, my, the quality of the audio or the pictures that I took or the video on my phone was so bad back then. And it’s so much better now.’ But I think that that shows that growth is how we get to where we are we don’t come out of the womb, just being able to know and do all of these things. So all of the back episodes will remain.

And you can go listen to them. It’s just that now when you go to your podcast app, or if you’re here for the first time and you haven’t subscribed yet you’re going to see Fuel Your Strength and I would love to ask you to subscribe if you’re new or you haven’t subscribed I’ve yet to the old show, just hit subscribe on your podcast app. Okay, I’m going to finish it out with something very strange and different, which is ending the show with a brand new show intro. This is the intro you’re going to hear in the very next episode at the top of the show, but I thought why not just share it now if you’re an athletic 40 something woman who loves lifting weights, challenging yourself, and doing hard shit, the Fuel Your Strength podcast is for you. You’ll learn how to eat, train, and recover smarter, so you build strength and muscle, have more energy, and perform better in and out of the gym. I’m strength nutrition strategist and weightlifting coach Steph Gaudreau.

The Fuel Your Strength podcast delves into evidence based strategies for nutrition, training, and recovery, and why once you’re approaching your 40s and beyond, you need to do things a little differently than you did in your 20s. We are here to challenge the limiting industry narratives about what women can and should do in training and beyond. If that sounds good, hit subscribe on your favorite podcast app, and let’s go!

So there you go. That is the intro for the new show. And you’ll see that up at the top of the episode next week. Do me a huge favor and please hit subscribe on your podcast app or tell a friend or loved one about this show. You giving your vote of confidence on the show and word of mouth goes so far and it means a ton. If you’ve been here since the very beginning of the show, especially when I had my very first guest, Mel Joulwan, do you remember that show? Send me a message on Instagram DM’S. I would love to hear it and I would actually love to give you a personal thank you because it means so much that you’ve been here for these past seven years and 370 ish episodes at this point. Thank you so much. I hope you’re as excited as I am. And I cannot wait to take this show into the future. Thanks so much for being here and until next time, stay strong.

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