Introducing the Harder To Kill Radio Podcast

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Introducing Harder to Kill Radio |

I’m so pumped to officially announce that I’ve joined the podcasting world with my new show, Harder to Kill Radio: Forging Unbreakable Humans!

The show has been a long time in the making, and it’s going to be a good one because I’m exploring all the ways in which humans can become healthier, happier, and harder to kill. I’ve got guests lined up from the paleo community and far beyond. You and I both know that eating well creates a solid foundation for a healthy life, but the complete picture is so much more than that.

A lifestyle is what happens when you fit all pieces of the puzzle together, and I’ll be bringing you all the best info through my guest interviews!

Here’s what you can expect on Harder to Kill Radio:

  • Every week (except Episode 1 where I spend some time telling you about the show), I’m interviewing the most fascinating people I can find about nutrition, fitness, and mindset…the three major ingredients I know are necessary for building strong, robust, resilient and unbreakable people.
  • Episodes run from about 30 to 40 minutes, short enough to listen to on your commute to and from work.
  • Audio capabilities through a super-slick embedded player right in the blog post, iTunes and Stitcher and…video broadcasts of the podcast on YouTube. That’s right! You’ll get to see my guests and me as we’re chatting.
  • Show notes with major topics discussed plus links to everything mentioned in the show and any amazing free resources my guests have to offer you.
  • Down-to-earth, relaxed, real conversations without a bunch of filler chat. We get right into it!

Starting tomorrow and for the next three days, something a bit unusual will be happening here on the blog: I’ll be posting up the first three episodes from Harder to Kill Radio in succession. (Don’t worry, I’ve switched to a once-weekly RSS digest so if you get notifications about new blog posts, there’ll only be one post this Sunday summarizing the week.)

Why three in one week? In the podcasting world, getting your show on iTunes is a must but you’ve got to have a few shows published before you can officially get approval from Apple. After that, I’ll be posting a new show every-other week to start.

And of course, you’ll want to stay connected by subscribing to Harder to Kill Radio once it’s live on iTunes. I’ll come back to this post once the show is approved and place links in so you can rate the podcast and subscribe. Your honest ratings really do help others discover the show by improving the show’s rankings in iTunes. I so appreciate all your support!

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Introducing Harder to Kill Radio |

Questions about the show? Suggestions for guests? Leave them in the comments below!

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