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It Depends: The Answer to Most Nutrition Questions – Harder to Kill Radio Ep 190

“It depends,” is the answer to most nutrition questions. In a world looking for absolutes, I’m here to remind you that nuance matters a whole lot.

why nutrition depends podcast show art episode 190 harder to kill radio

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Why “It Depends” is Usually the Answer

You’re going to start seeing some shorter (I think I’ll call them “punchier”) episodes on Friday’s as I address some topics that I’ve maybe shared on social media, but I don’t want to ramble so much about. It’s my show, I do what I want.

The title of this show is “It Depends.”

Let me paint the daily picture of a nutrition or fitness coach in the online space.

  • Q: “Is HIIT good or bad?” A: “It depends.”
  • Q: “Should I count macros?” A: “It depends.”
  • Q: “Should I eat MORE carbs, or fewer?” A: “It depends.”

Where it gets EXTRA dicey is when it starts getting painted in terms of absolutes when dealing with food, training, etc. When terms like “always, never, everyone” get thrown around.

  • “All sugar is bad.”
  • “My friends husband lost a ton of weight on Keto and says it’s the best for everyone.”
  • “Coconut is a miracle food.”
  • “More cardio is better.”

Look, we all want the secret sauce, the one universal absolute that will solve all our problems. But micro-focusing on one area is probably causing you to lose focus on other bigger areas and overall you may be missing the bigger picture.

On Today’s Episode

  • The appropriate types of questions to actually get answers and direction
  • Why the “secret sauce” approach just isn’t realistic or dare I say, healthy
  • Why considering working one-on-one with someone might be a good idea
  • Why “it depends” is usually the answer

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