Harder To Kill Radio 241 How To Live A Life Full Of More Joy And Empowerment w/ Jake Thompson

Cultivating a Winning Mindset w/ Jake Thompson – Harder to Kill Radio 241

At the end of the day, no one is going to look back on you and remember your body fat content, inflated bank account or how big your muscles are. What people truly care about is how you made them feel and what actions you took to inspire others. This is the moving force behind Jake Thompson, a long-time friend, motivational speaker, and genuine person who is dedicated to sharing his philosophy for living a life full of more joy and empowerment.

Harder To Kill Radio 241 How To Live A Life Full Of More Joy And Empowerment w/ Jake Thompson

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Happiness Is Worth Fighting For

Instead of focusing on other people’s successes, Jake urges you to stay in your own lane and focus on your own personal growth. So many of us settle for what we think we are capable of, and Jake is inspiring people to do more than they think they can. By working through the failures in life as part of the process and focusing on the present version of yourself you can reach your top true speed in life.

Every time you fail you are one step closer to figuring out what is right for your life. By flipping your perspective, showing up consistently every day and not letting outside noise complicate your process you can reach your full potential just by competing with yourself. Jake urges you to start being in competition with yourself, because your own happiness is worth fighting for, and what matters most is what you chose to build around you.

Are you ready to run your own race and give everything to the pursuit of everything you could be? Share what you found most inspiring about Jake’s perspective in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

  • Tips to cultivate a winning mindset and become a competitor in life (8:50)
  • Ways to be motivated by competing with yourself instead of compared to others (17:02)
  • Why taking care of yourself is not selfish despite popular belief (36:30)
  • The role gratitude plays in winning at life and creating a lasting legacy (37:16)
  • How to address your negative self-talk and create positive reinforcement (46:50)

Resources Mentioned In This Show

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“My focus is really the same thing, its helping people become competitors in life, in their careers, to not get to the end of their life looking back asking ‘what if I had shown up, what if I had done better’. How can we teach them to have the mindset every day to just wake up and attack the day.” (9:18)

“The things that make you successful in sports and weight lifting are the things that make you successful in life. And I don’t know why it took me so long to connect the dots.” (20:22)

“There is always going to be someone ahead of us, there’s always going to be someone behind us. But none of that actually matters because us looking at that, paying attention to that, is only slowing us down from doing our best.” (27:27)

“You have to be selfish to a degree so that you can take care of yourself and show up for others. Because if you arent taking care of yourself eventually you are going to break down and you won’t be able to show up for others.” (37:01)

“We all have some degree of talent and skills, what matters more than talent is your effort, and it is twice as important.” (42:36)

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Harder To Kill Radio 241 How To Live A Life Full Of More Joy And Empowerment w/ Jake Thompson


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