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Harder To Kill Radio Hitting That Reset Button For A Life You Love w/ Jennifer Schreckengost

Hitting The Reset Button For A Life You Love

At 40 years of age, Jennifer Schreckengost left behind her stable career, health insurance and the guarantee of many things to start living a life that she loved instead.

Jennifer started a food blog, Wanderlust and Wellness, focused around promoting nut-free and paleo options, eventually switching to a more well-rounded version of nut-free, dairy-free and gluten-free.

Since taking the leap Jennifer has successfully turned her brand into a full-time business and has never looked back.

Harder To Kill Radio Hitting That Reset Button For A Life You Love w/ Jennifer Schreckengost

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Health + Freedom

Today Jennifer is passionate about helping other women realize that they too can take whatever steps necessary to change your life into something you love at any age. On this episode, Jennifer explores precise tools you can use to hit the reset button on your life at any stage, ways to get out of your own way, and tips for business and life to accomplish whatever you want to do.

By creating a community where women feel safe to explore the visions of the life that they have always dreamed of while promoting healthy and positive ideas, Jennifer is spreading the mantra of ‘eat well, live well and explore often’.

Are you ready to solidify your ‘why’, take the leap to business ownership or just learn the steps necessary to start living a life you love? Share what your biggest takeaway from Jennifer’s wisdom was in the comments below.

On Today’s Episode

  • Getting over imposter syndrome around stepping out on your own
  • Resources for those that live a nut-free, gluten-free or dairy-free lifestyle
  • How to find your happy center in the current vortex of diet trends
  • Letting go of the anxiety around the rules of what you are eating
  • Ways Jennifer is creating a model for women at any age accomplish their goals

Resources Mentioned In This Show


“Patience and persistence and consistency, those are three words I have written on my board because that is probably the biggest lesson I have learned is it’s not going to happen overnight, it’s a slow gain.” (16:17)

“My goal was always to be able to do my blog full time and leave that full-time job, and my deep down vision, my ‘why’, was to create a life that I love, to live my best life, as cliche as that sounds, and to help other people see that they could do that too.” (18:10)

“To me, that sacrifice was worth it because I knew that in order for me to take that final leap into creating that life, that vision that I had, I needed to make that big jump and sacrifice and so that’s what I did.” (32:58)

“What I want to show women is that you can make that transition, you can make that career change, you can make that lifestyle change. Whatever it is, at any age, even if it’s at 40 because that’s exactly what I did.” (39:10)

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Harder To Kill Radio Hitting That Reset Button For A Life You Love w/ Jennifer Schreckengost

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