Kickin’ BBQ Shredded Chicken

I had the distinct honor of writing a guest post for the one and only, incredibly creative, OG of Paleo food blogs, Michelle T. of Nom Nom Paleo. Her site’s has been a favorite of mine since my early days of Paleo, and she’s been a huge inspiration regarding clean and tasty eats.

Kickin' BBQ Shredded Chicken Guest Post

 If you’ve never checked out her site, now’s the time! You can find my recipe for Kickin’ BBQ Shredded Chicken there – and trust me when I say it’s an easy one that can be made ahead to fit your busy schedule and utilizes my favorite kitchen secret weapon…wink wink.

Click here for the recipe >> Kickin’ BBQ Shredded Chicken!

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15 Responses

    1. Hi Marilyn…I don’t count calories and so don’t include them with my recipes. There’s a great website (it’s free) called Fit Day where you can plug in the quantities and foods and receive an estimated calorie count.

  1. Hi…this looks delicious. I’m looking forward to thawing out that pastured chicken soon! Found you on Nom Nom and indeed you are a paleo jewel! Thanks for all the easy peasy recipes, the mouth watering photos, and the lively commentary. I am semi-retired and feed a multigenerational family of 5…..all paleo for 18 months or so. My biggest problem is rarely having leftovers! 🙂

    1. Joyce, your kindness made my day. Thank you so much. Kudos to you for making a healthier way of eating possible for your large family. Folks like you are the real heroes in all of this.


  2. I have shredded my chicken, made my sauce and YUK! I think either my tabasco or cidar vinegar was off cause the smell and taste is absolutely awful and I have NEVER made an awful recipe from your website Steph. OK, I can’t get out to get more tabasco/ cider vinegar right now so any other ideas for my shredded chicken??? Really fancied a sauce but will have to wait a couple of days to try this one again – I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!

    1. The sauce is meant to be a vinegar based sauce (which is what Carolina style is), so I think that it’s maybe unexpected (and probably for some, the vinegar might be overpowering.) I would say to add more tomato sauce and maybe a bit more honey to mellow it out.

  3. Soooo good! My family and I went nuts for this…polished off the entire chicken. The sauce is tangy and delicious, and the chicken really is stupid-easy to prep! Thanks for another great recipe! (Ever try this sauce on ribs?…)

  4. Made this for friends last night & it was delicious… compliments all round. Good to know I can feed my friends Paleo without any complaints.

    Thanks for the recipe… can’t wait to try some more!

  5. Do you make the sauce while the chicken is cooking or can you do it when the chicken is almost done?

    1. Hi Mara,

      You can do what you prefer. Although, sauce always gets better when it has time for the flavor to develop. 🙂

  6. I’ve been looking for a Whole 30 compliant BBQ sauce, but this one has honey. What could you use instead? Thanks!

  7. DATES! Sorry- I read a bit further in the article and answered my own question. Looking forward to trying trying it! Thanks!

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