Why Kindness Should Be At The Core Of Your Wellness Practice w/ Lucia Hawley – Harder To Kill Radio #127

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For a lot of us, the journey to improving ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually can end up actually making us feel worse about ourselves. There are endless comparisons to be made to others who it seems are doing better than we are, or we find ourselves falling short of our own expectations. As Lucia Hawley explains, however, a key piece to improvement and growth is to be kind to ourselves and honor where we’re at now and our own limitations.

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About Lucia Hawley

Lucia is a nutritional therapist and is here to make sure you know that you can still make progress towards your wellness goals, treat yourself well along the journey, and you don’t have to completely hate the process.

She believes in taking the judgment out of the equation and looking at your relationship to health and wellness from a neutral perspective. By listening to what your body is trying to tell you, you can learn what you really want out of life and understand how your body reacts. Lucia believes in integrating happiness as a key component in your food and wellness journey so that you can fill your bucket and be present in your life.

If you are ready to empower yourself through the foundations of health, preach kindness and embrace the natural push and pull of life, Lucia’s kind and humbling words are here for you. How do you integrate kindness into your wellness approach? Let us know in the comments on the show notes below!

On Today’s Episode

  • What nutritional therapy is and how it can be applied as a practice
  • Debunking ‘Capital D’ diet culture
  • Understanding the science behind your cravings
  • Addressing your right to your own autonomy
  • Chronic stress and the effects you often don’t think of
  • Tricks to help your body focus, rest and digest

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“This is an amazing experiment. Reframing that monkey wrench and then being like ‘how did it go?’. Taking out the judgment and saying okay that felt like a bad day that felt like the wrong decision, cause you had aligned yourself with this, in this case, a nutrition challenge. But what if we actually step back and say, ‘okay so the foods that were off the challenge that came in, how did they make you feel’?” (11:57)

“Life is gonna happen. And are we as coaches and educators and practitioners, giving people the skills to like figure out how they navigate those grey spaces of life. Cause it ain’t always going to be that you have the perfect circumstances.” (13:42)

“That’s how I came to nutrition, I wasn’t feeling well and I had to fix it because I felt like other people or the medical society or anything like that, wasn’t really helping me in the way that I needed. So I love respecting that kind of fix-it mentality, but also kind of recognizing like when does that feeling or those set of actions, whatever it might be, when does it switch from being adaptive to maladaptive?” (21:30)

“I think it really comes back to being kind to your body and respecting that your body is always speaking to you, and if you just allow yourself to hear what it has to say, it might be so incredibly challenging and scary, but what could be a greater kindness to yourself, and from there a greater kindness to your society.” (54:20)


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Harder To Kill Radio 127: Why Kindness Should Be At The Core Of Your Wellness Practice w/ Lucia Hawley

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