Listen To Your Body Podcast 287 Top 5 Things To Know Before You Start Intuitive Eating w/ Steph Gaudreau

Top 5 Things To Know Before You Start Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating is not an invitation to binge eat junk food, nor is it a restrictive diet. Intuitive eating is a practice and pursuit that is rooted deeply within all of us, but something that many of us have forgotten over time thanks to societal norms and diet culture. This episode is all about inviting you to discover intuitive eating as a lifestyle framework and prepare you for the new mindset ahead.

Listen To Your Body Podcast 287 Top 5 Things To Know Before You Start Intuitive Eating w/ Steph Gaudreau

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Finding A More Peaceful Relationship With Food & Your Body

If you are sick and tired of being obsessed with food and your body, are afraid or unsure of how to start intuitive eating, or maybe need a reality check on your expectations when it comes to intuitive eating, this is the episode for you. Answering many of the questions I get all of the time in response to this topic, today I am here on a solo episode to help you start on the action of transformation in your life.

Everything you need to know before returning to intuitive eating as a practice and pursuit is jam-packed into this episode so that you can get a better idea of what you are getting yourself into, and the diet culture you are getting away from. I am here to defend your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing, and I truly believe that the pervasive and judgemental diet culture that society has told us we need to follow is a detriment to all of the realms of your health.

It may take time, but finding a more peaceful relationship with food and your body, getting over your obsession, and having the time and energy to apply yourself to things you enjoy doing is so worth the time and effort. It only takes small, incremental steps to start to see a world of difference in the way you view yourself, others, and the world around you.

How do you feel about intuitive eating? Share your experience with me in the comments below.

On Today’s Episode

  • How to break free from diet culture and how it impacts how you view your body (11:05)
  • Tips for tuning into your inner signals to discover the foods that you actually like (14:18)
  • Learn about the 10 core principles of intuitive eating as a lifestyle framework (18:50)
  • Why intuitive eating is hard at the beginning but gets easier as you go (21:04)
  • What to do if you want to gain clarity around what is truly important to you (28:05)

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Three Steps to Ditching Food Guilt

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“Our default nature is as intuitive eaters, so when I say ‘what you need to know before you start intuitive eating’, it just really is a bit of a hat tip to the fact that somewhere along the way the vast majority of you, including myself, have lost touch with our inner intuitive eater.” (11:03)

“There is a common perception that intuitive eating is the polar opposite of dieting, which is very restricted and very regimented. And that is false.” (13:48)

“Intuitive eating as a named framework has 10 principles. And they all overlap and they are all designed to help you repair your relationship with food and your body.” (19:00)

“Intuitive eating and dieting are very different. A diet starts off easy and gets harder as you go. Intuitive eating starts off harder and gets easier as you go. They are very different paradigms.” (21:59)

“It’s okay that it is going to take time, you are worth it! Finding a more peaceful relationship with food and your body, getting off the crazy obsession with food and your body, having the time and energy to do other stuff, and care about other things is life-changing. It’s worth doing the work, it is worth the time it is going to take.” (31:51)

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Top 5 Things To Know Before You Start Intuitive Eating w/ Steph Gaudreau FULL TRANSCRIPT

Steph Gaudreau
This is Episode 286 of the listen to your body podcast. In today’s episode, I’ll be covering five things you need to know before you start intuitive eating. The next evolution of harder to kill radio is here. Welcome to the Listen To Your Body Podcast. on this show, we’ll explore the intersection of body, mind, and soul health, and help you reclaim your abilities to eat and move more intuitively. Hear Your body’s signals, and trust yourself more deeply. I’m Steph Gaudreau, a certified intuitive eating counselor, nutritional therapy practitioner, and strength coach. On this podcast. You can expect to hear expert guest interviews and solo chats that will help you deepen your trust with the food movement and your body. Remember to hit the subscribe button and share this podcast with your friends and loved ones. Now on to the show.

What’s going on? Welcome to the Listen To Your Body Podcast. Thanks so much for hanging out with me today if you’re a new listener or newer Welcome, Hello, this is my world. If you’re a returning listener and you there are some of you and I want to know if you’re if you’ve been listening to this podcast since day one, I want you to send me a message on Instagram dm, let me know because I want to give you a special personal thank you for listening to the show. We are just about at the five-year mark. I think you know, technically it would be June one, close enough. But the five-year mark of doing this podcast, it used to be called harder to kill radio if you’re finding that name still floating around on the internet because nothing on that Internet ever really dies. And we decided, you know what? It ain’t worth, the time, the effort, and everything it’s going to take to go back to episode one and re-label 270 60 something episodes of the podcast. We all have better things to do. Suffice to say, it’s been a long time. And I’m so incredibly grateful that you keep tuning into the show. If you’ve been a listener since the beginning, I want to know and so I want you to send me a direct message on Instagram. Because I would like to personally thank you and I’m not kidding. I would love to personally thank you for supporting the show for tuning in for being here on this journey throughout the years, and just being part of the community. It is very, very important to me and I’m so incredibly, incredibly grateful. So make sure you do that at some point this week. Send me a message to let me know. Today I’m doing a solo episode. These are kind of the top five things that you need to know before you start intuitive eating before you jump into this world. And I wanted to record a solo episode for you. Number one, it’s been a long time. And number two, these are questions that I get. This is a bucket of questions I get all the time. People who are afraid to start unsure, not knowing what they’re getting themselves into. Having expectations that are different from the reality of what intuitive eating is. So my plan is that this will be an episode I can refer people back to for years to come. And also be of service by talking about this topic. So yes, I haven’t done a solo episode in a while. Why? Well, I had a bunch of people who wanted to bring on the show. They are all incredible. And so I made a list toward probably January, February, and I had this big long list. Two people that I wanted to contact, have them come on the podcast. You know, the drill. And of course, I love having guests on the show. And it gave me some time to kind of reset my brain. And what I mean by that is, I think I think I still was not fully recovered from the burnout that I felt last fall. And getting out here and continuing to serve and show up. Of course, that’s just going to be part of what I do, but really, the energy that it would take to really bring in the type of show that I wanted to bring you on a solo podcast, I just didn’t have it. So I really let my guests shine I love including new perspectives, different voices that are saying similar things, and so on. And so that’s why I brought a lot of guests on and I really didn’t do any solo episodes for a while. Also, I have bad I said this last week I’ve been cooking, cooking up some stuff for you in the metaphorical kitchen of my business. I’ve been in business for seven years. This is also kind of the seventh year of working for myself, which is crazy. Seven years ago, I walked out of the classroom with a year’s leave of absence, and a dream to work for myself and to do my work online and to serve and connect with all of you.

And here we are seven years later, it’s not I mean, I don’t think I could have ever thought I’d be here doing exactly the things that I’m doing now with you because back then things were quite different. In my professional world. I was really focused on Paleo Eating, I was still crossfitting competitively at the time and here My life is very different. It is very different, but it’s also shades Things are still the same like I still talk a ton about nutrition and food. But that’s the lens has changed. I love fitness. But the things that I share about fitness have changed. My own personal fitness routine has changed, although, ironically, last week, or as I’m recording this yesterday, but by the time the show airs two weeks ago, I was doing a CrossFit workout called dt, which is a hero WOD workout of the day. my very good friend Julie from the Master’s Division did it and I was like, You know what, she’s on the east coast. I’m on the west coast. I’m going to do this workout. So there you go and do a CrossFit workout in my yard. Seven years after the fact. Anyhow, it has been it’s been an incredible ride. It’s been equal parts, growth opportunity professionally, and personally, I continue to learn things about myself and work on different things for myself personally. And all that said, one of the things that’s really come out of the last six months especially, has been a renewed desire to narrow and hone in on Who am I really helping in the world. If you’ve been in my world, you know, you’ve been on the podcasts, you’ve been on my Instagram, you’ve, you’re in my Facebook community, you know that. I am a net museum curator of stuff. I love so many different things. I see the overlap across so many different topics. And one of the things I love doing is bringing these pieces together for you. Much like a, a museum curator would and saying, here we go, here are all the things you can dip into on this journey. However, I’ve really In the past, I’ve gotten pretty distracted by things that I love, but may not have been of the most service. So, I have been in a metaphorical kitchen as I’ve been saying, cooking up some stuff. And these are really some new, newly focused opportunities to work on. If you’re somebody who is like, I am so tired of being obsessed with food and my body, then I am working on some stuff where you can learn from me, and it’s going to be amazing. I’m not ready to reveal it yet.

But that is why I’ve been kind of tinkering with things and playing with things behind the scenes. I’ve been doing some intuitive eating group coaching, which has been incredible. I love those folks so much. We’ve been through so many amazing calls and transformations. Holy cow. But anyway, that’s why I’ve been a little bit quiet on the solo episode front. So been remixing some stuff behind the scenes in the business and pretty soon I’ll be sharing with you how you can work with me. So if you’re not yet on my listen to your body newsletter, you’re going to want to get your tickets over there that is at for Listen To Your Body. And I will send out I kind of send out weekly-ish newsletter updates. They’re always really good and juicy with lots of things to think about regarding listening to your body intuitive eating, finding the middle ground of eating, letting go of perfectionism around food in your body, I mean, you name it, we are diving into all that stuff there. So if you want to be the first to hear about all the new things that I’m working on and how you can work with me to really put some transformation in your life. If you’ve been a dabbler and we’re going to talk about that later, then this is for you. So stay tuned for more info on that. All right, this is a bit of a long intro. But I had a bunch to catch you up on, don’t you think? I today want to talk about five things you need to know before you start intuitive eating. And I mean intuitive eating as a practice in pursuit because the irony is that we are all born as intuitive eaters, so it’s really a return to our default state. Now you can argue with me all day till the cows come home, how industrial food and all these things are impacting this and of course, yes, so we’re not denying that or saying it doesn’t exist. But our default nature is as intuitive eaters, so when I say that you need to know before you start intuitive eating, it just is a little bit of a hat tip to the fact that somewhere along the way, the vast majority of you including myself, have lost touch with our inner intuitive eater, we’ve started to let you know, not consciously, but diet culture has really woven its roots into who we are and how we see food in our bodies. And it takes some discrete effort, in many cases to start untangling that and digging the roots out and seeing what else can flourish in its place. You can tell I’ve been gardening a lot lately, hmm. Anyhow, these are not this is not an exhaustive list. But these are five really, really common things that I see when I’m out and about in the world when folks are sharing their thoughts with me on social media, in my communities. And these are things as a certified intuitive eating counselor and somebody who is led groups of people through intuitive eating experiences that come up a lot. Come up a lot. So if one of these things is more Then one of these things doesn’t apply to you. That’s okay. Take what applies takes what take what sticks out to you and run with that as a beginning point for further inquiry. All right, so number one, on the things you need to know before you start intuitive eating. intuitive eating is not a license to eat in and out of control away. And what I mean by that is, a lot of people have the perception that intuitive eating is seafood and eat it diet, that it is a fuck it all. I’m going to eat everything I want without regard for anything else. way of eating and that could not be further from the truth. There are aspects of making peace with food in a very mindful method. very mindful, methodical way. Yes. But a lot of people have the perception whether it’s from media It’s from things that they read from folks who don’t really know what intuitive eating is. Or it’s just assumptions because it does sound scary when you are used to rules. And yes to know this food and you shouldn’t do this don’t do that. When you’re very used to that type of eating where all of the decisions are made in an external way without any input from you.

Then there’s a common perception that intuitive eating is the polar opposite of dieting, which is very restricted and very regimented. And that’s false. So intuitive eating as a framework really says that we have x we do have valid external things that can guide our eating But in today’s diet culture, we’re missing really the internal connection. We’re missing the internal signals. We’re not tuning in to them, we’re not currently able to perceive them. We are skeptical of them. We don’t trust those internal and Stimson signals, and even our own opinions on things recently. I have a new resource on my website, and I’ll link to it in the show notes. But it’s basically three steps to ditching food guilt, which a lot of you deal with your, you know, your eating, quote, good, and then it gets messed up and then you feel guilty about it. And then that continues the cycle of shame and getting really restrictive again. In any case, someone who got this resource reached out to me on Instagram and said, Hey, this is really eye-opening because I don’t even know what foods I like. Right? That’s a massive point of inquiry a massive, like, wow, what foods do I like. So if we’re not, we’re not even sure what foods we truly enjoy. And there’s a difference between foods that I actually truly enjoy and the foods that I might eat in a out of control, eating binge eating sort of way, where I’m completely tuned out and like going through the motions and I’m not connected. And I really like how foods make me feel versus the foods that I kind of, I think it’s what I want in the moment and then I only end up feeling yucky in my body, hollow, unresolved and other things that are related to emotional stuff. There’s a big difference between those two things. So suffice to say this, I knew this is going to get tangential I’m trying to rein it in, I promise. You need to know that intuitive eating is not sanctioned binge eating. Okay, so if you’ve heard that or you’re like I, and again, you’re how you feel and your fears are very valid. Your brain is trying to keep you safe and it’s like whoa, hello, noticed me pay attention. But those that is just not true right. So as a framework, intuitive eating, does not sink does not say, you need to go out today and binge on all of these brownies. That’s not what it’s saying. If that does happen, for whatever reason, let’s deconstruct it, let’s learn from it. Let’s pull from it, let’s have compassion for ourselves. 100% but it’s not mandating that you’re going to only eat junk food. Okay, so that’s number one. Number two of the things you need to know before you start intuitive eating. It is not diet. It is a process slash framework. So one of the things that quite often comes around is the belief that I’m going to start intuitive eating, and it’s just going to give me some rules to follow. And quite often, what people start to realize quite quickly is that that is not the case. And in fact, instead of a list of what to do, what people often end up with is a list of questions to ask themselves, and they’re not necessarily prepared for that sometimes. They just want to know what to eat. What foods should I eat, right? There’s the should again, like what should I be doing? And if you’ve been living in a shared world, when it comes to food, intuitive eating as a process and a framework can feel frustrating. So it’s normal to I feel a little bit frustrated at the beginning. Because if you’re very used to dieting, or shall we call it a lifestyle based on rules, if we’re very used to that it can feel you can feel very untethered. Because you’re expecting a set of rules, a set of yes or no a set of do this don’t do that. Should, shouldn’t. Good, bad, and intuitive eating introduces the opposite of that, which is asking a lot of questions about you your body, what’s going on in your body, your thoughts, your feelings, your actions. And that’s the untangling process.

That’s the untangling process. It is so intuitive eating as a named framework has 10 principles and they all overlap and they’re all designed to help you. repair your relationship with food in your body. So is it mutually exclusive? of any kind of nutrition? No. I think I’ve done a show on this one too. But the one that people are the most critical of who don’t actually know, you know how we can tell when people don’t actually know what intuitive eating is, when they’re like, Well, yeah, but it says it doesn’t include anything about nutrition, and it’s just an eat what you want diet and I’m like, Oh, really, that’s not the case at all. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Please go educate yourself and do some extremely basic reading, because that stuff that gets repeated scares people off and back into the cycle of restriction and binge eating or what I call fun. Fuck it all eating and food jail. It’s the two opposite ends of the spectrum. So if I hear people saying that it’s, you know, intuitive eating doesn’t include any kind of nutrition principles. I know that they don’t actually They know what they’re talking about. And they’re talking out of their ass most of the time. So when that’s considered, we do have frameworks. frameworks aren’t bad. It’s just the mindset, the energy, the emotions, behind the frameworks, what do you do if you have a framework and you quote, break the rules, what happens? Can you shake it off and you’re like, cool, I’m gonna get back to it. At the next meal, whatever, it doesn’t define me, it’s not gonna ruin my day, week year. I’m not gonna judge myself and go into a shame spiral about it. If that describes the way you eat great, and you have a list of foods like you don’t eat fine. There’s nobody saying that that’s wrong or bad. It’s just how much pain and suffering due to your rules and frameworks cause you if you break them, right, so it’s not a diet, you’re not going to find a lot of hard and fast answers given to you, you’re going to be asked a lot of questions. All right, number three. In the list of top things, you need to know when you start intuitive eating or before you embark on this journey. It is hard at the beginning that it gets easier as you go. And I can’t remember I have racked my brain. I’ve gone back in my, in my browser history trying to find the person that I first read this snippet. I can’t remember who she is. So if you know who it is, let me know. But she’s on her on this is on a blog and she said something like intuitive eating and dieting are very different. A diet starts off easy and gets harder as you go. intuitive eating starts off harder and it gets easier as you go. They are very different paradigms. And so people when they start intuitive eating, they’re like, Fuck, this is day three, and this is fucking hard and I can’t do this and I’m going back to diets. Now I’m not saying that these people are wrong or silly, or this is a normal reaction to the point I just talked about, right? It’s not a diet. It’s a process. This is unraveling. I love Bernie. Bernie Brown. I love you. You’re I know we can talk in every day right here. If you’re listening to this podcast, your concept of unraveling and it was the midlife unraveling but the unraveling to me is just it’s just stuck with me so much. So if you’re trying to unravel this ball of craziness with diet culture, it’s gonna be hard at the beginning. Yes, it will not be easy. dieting is exciting. At the start. It’s like all the promises a fresh start. It’s going to work Time. Now please don’t get me twisted here. I’m not talking about making positive changes to your health. I’m talking about the diet shit show, diet circus, that we all know what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about diet in the context of the foods that you just eat. Okay? I think we all know that by this point, but just in case we were not clear. So dieting is exciting. It’s a novel. It is holding all of the promises.

Our brains love new things. Squirrel shiny object, new stuff. It’s very enticing. It gives us all the dopamine. The dopamine is, is the neurotransmitter hit that we get when we’re anticipating something before right before we get it. anticipations like this is going to be the time intuitive eating is really not like that. Most of the time you’re going into it thinking, shit, I’ve got a, I’m gonna, this is gonna be weird. I’m going to be doing things differently. For the first time in probably most of my adult life, I’m going to be questioning a lot of things. I’m afraid of a lot of stuff. Like, I’m afraid of my body getting bigger, even though I’m trying to repair my relationship with food, which is so common and is not something I can unpack here on a podcast, really, at least on a personal level for individuals out there. So if you want to do that with me and coaching, let’s do it. But suffice to say, if you can hang in there long enough and have the almost have the expectation that you’re going to make mistakes. It’s a part of, mistakes are part of the process. They’re big things In, unlike a diet which is like oh fuck you fucked up and made a mistake I’m saying fuck a lot on this episode sorry not sorry Oh fuck you fucked up now what? Oh, the diet starts again on Monday Oh, you messed up got to start back again at day one bull fucking shit I am so sick of that shit this is not like a like this whole do over again like do overset the bar way too high I’m a failure I’ll never do this right, first of all, I have so much love if this is where you’re at I really do because I was there too. But what I say bullshit I mean like people who keep perpetuating this is like a way that we’re going to teach people how to eat long term in a way that’s not going to fuck them up. Like starting again Monday start over again at day one. You Adafruit on the prohibited list like this isn’t a test these this is people’s lives that we’re talking about. This is your health and well being we’re talking about your mental, emotional, spiritual soul health are all incredibly important, not just the health of your physical body. That’s a whole other episode. Anyhow, I’m getting off the point off the topic here, but it is intuitive eating is harder at the beginning, it will be harder it will get easier as you go through. This is why you’re going to probably need support along the way. Number five, four things you need to know before starting intuitive eating and you will start questioning everything. You’re going to start questioning shit that you had no idea was even a thing. Diet, culture, the ways you’ve lived your life, the beliefs that you’ve had about yourself and other people. You’re going to start questioning why you’ve judged people so harshly. Is it because you’re judging yourself so harshly, you’re going to start asking what are the things that you actually like the things that you actually want? And let me tell you what, when you start asking questions you become I don’t want to say a threat to some people. But it’s, it can make things feel a little shaky. Because if you start asking questions, and you start wondering why things are instead of just accepting them, and this is really common around diet culture, it rocks the boat. When you start questioning diet culture, you start wondering why things are the way they are, why you only see certain kind of bodies doing certain kind of things, why we judge certain bodies the way we do, why you judge yourself, Why you place your worth so heavily on how you look, when you start to question these things. Shit starts to get shaken up. It’s a shakeup, for sure. So just know that You’re going to start asking a lot of questions. And if you want to get clarity around the answers of what’s really inside of you, what’s really important to you? What is your truth? How are you going to repair this relationship with food in your body, you’re going to have to start asking questions. I’m not saying that.

Sometimes you’ll just say, you know what, this work, I just need a breather, I need a break. Awesome. But the whole point is that you start developing more self-knowledge. You combine that with self-care of which eating is part of that. And you have you building the self-compassion for yourself in the process. That’s my three pillars of helping people with this middle ground of eating. You have to know ourselves. We have to take care of ourselves and we have to have compassion and kindness for ourselves. All right, and then number five And I’ve already alluded to this one, it takes time. It’s going to take time. Blessed, I don’t remember. But I’ve seen this happen multiple times. Now in my community, people are like, I tried intuitive eating for three days. And then I gave up. And I’m like, that’s not how it works. It’s not a diet. So we got to keep coming back to it. Got to keep doing piece by piece, right? incremental steps. I said this in an Instagram post, recently incremental steps, incremental changes, tiny steps, small steps, piece by piece, we’re not going to eat this elephant in one bite. It’s just not going to happen. So it’s going to take time. You’re trying to look, you’re going to attempt to find a different way of relating to food and your body for quite possibly the first time in your whole life. You’re Whole Life up till now. It’s going to take time. It’s not going to happen in a week, or a month, or six months or a year now will you make changes and progress and have insights and go Holy shit, I had no idea. Wow, I realized how much I’ve improved in this area or how much things have changed for me. Absolutely. But the work keeps going. People often ask me, you know, so Oh, you’re just okay with your body now, or are you looking around have a bad day with food or whatever? And I’m like, Of course, I do. I’m not perfect. And that’s fine. To say that I never have a bad thought or a negative thought about myself. Like that would just be bypassing do No, I’m fine every day all the time. What’s wrong with you losers? Of course, not. I’m better equipped now to deal with it when those things do happen. But I’m human just like you. It took me 30 years. I started doing this work when I was in 3031. It took me 30 years, I was in diet culture for 30 fucking years. And it’s taken 10 years, and I’m still investigating parts of my own diet culture brainwashing. It’s okay. That it’s gonna take time, you’re worth it. Finding a peaceful more peaceful relationship with food in your body. Getting off the crazy obsession with food and your body is like having the time and energy to do other stuff and care about other things. is life-changing. It’s worth doing the work. It’s worth the time it’s going to take and the very last one I’m going to seek one in here as a bonus. doing this work is better with support In other words, doing this alone is harder. It’s harder, hands down. I am an upholder. That means I’m really great at setting internal expectations and meeting them. I have no problem with that. I’m also an enneagram. Three and heavily influenced by Capricorn energy. You give me a mountain now I’m like, cool. What do you want to climb by? I got this. Not everybody is like that. And I also recognize that the times in my life when I have had support and coaching and an in or a community that I could really relate to. My progress in some of these areas has been much more expeditious. It’s been much more efficient, it’s been faster, it’s been less painful. And so you are going to need support at some level. So if you’re somebody who bought the intuitive eating book, this is what happens. People buy the intuitive eating book, they bring it home, they’re like, I might as well be a rattlesnake on their table where they’re like, Oh my god, I can’t believe I bought this brought this thing into my house like this is really scary.

And they won’t open it. Because it’s just too too much. I can’t look at it, or they’ll read it. And they’re like, cool. I know how to do intuitive eating now. And then in practice in their life, that’s not what’s actually happening. It’s more diet stuff. Reading is alone is not enough. The point is, you have to honor whatever kind of learner you are. And as a former teacher, I have a lot of respect for that. We all learn in different ways. We all process in different ways. Great. But I can tell you doing the work alone is harder, it’s going to take you longer, it’s going to feel isolating. So you’re going to want to have some kind of support. And that support could come in a myriad of different ways. Family, friends, someone you text for accountability, a Facebook group, a coach, a group coaching program. Whatever it is, you can’t do it on your own. You could be really stubborn and you can probably it’s going to take you longer, I promise you. So that’s just a little addition. There’s like it’s better with support, find support, and whatever way makes sense for you. So all right, to recap, the five things you need to know before you start intuitive eating. It is not licensed for out of control eating. Number two, it’s not a diet. It’s a framework. Number three, it’s hard at the start, but it gets easier as you go. Number four, you will start questioning everything. That’s normal. Number five, it takes time. And my bonus one, it’s better with support. I hope that if you have found this episode, maybe I’ve sent you here. Hi. Maybe you’ve stumbled upon me You’re a regular listener. I hope that this episode has brought you some peace of mind. Making mistakes, having it be imperfect as part of the process. Being unsure, being scared is part of it. You are not alone though. There is so much support out here for you. There are so many people who have paved the way and gone on this journey before you have that are willing to share what they’ve learned to help you along to walk alongside of you. So I hope that this has given you a head start. I hope it’s given you a much better footing on Which to begin this journey? And I’d love to know your thoughts. So find me on social media Instagrams probably the best place. Share this episode. If you were like, yes, this was super helpful. I want people who listen to this, I learned XYZ In this episode, take a screenshot of the episode on your phone and tag me. I’m at Steph_Gaudreau (G.A.U.D.R.E.A.U.), all of the vowels and the French Canadian last name. It’s wonderful. tag me I want to see it and I want to reshare it because your thoughts do matter. Also, hit the subscribe button on your podcast app. That way new episodes every Tuesday will come right magically into your device automatically as my husband says. They’ll come right into your device every Tuesday when we release them out into the world and you won’t have to go looking and we’ll be there to support you. Lastly, make sure you get on my newsletter. That’s the Listen To Your Body newsletter. It’s a companion to this podcast and more. You can do that at and of course, go grab the show notes over on the website while you’re there. Thanks so much for hanging out with me this was such a fun solo episode. I know we caught up on a lot, but I really am excited to do some more solo episodes in the near future for you. I have a lot to say. And a lot that I want to share with you and a lot I want to teach you. Alright, so until next week, when we’re back with another episode. Be well!

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