Harder To Kill Radio 213: Why You Need To Stop Focusing On Diet Fads w/ Laura Schoenfeld

Stop Focusing On Diet Fads w/ Laura Schoenfeld – Harder to Kill Radio 213

Instead of focusing on the latest diet or exercise fad, Laura Schoenfeld wants you to figure out what works best for your body. A registered dietitian and placeholder of the most downloaded Harder To Kill episode to date, Laura is back for round two to take her nutrition expertise in a new and exciting direction.

Harder To Kill Radio 213: Why You Need To Stop Focusing On Diet Fads w/ Laura Schoenfeld

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Food, Fitness, & Faith

Believe it or not, but being malnourished in the fitness space is a very common problem, and Laura is working to fix that by spreading information and knowledge. You don’t have to break up with sugar to be healthy, all it takes is understanding your cravings and balancing your micronutrients, macronutrients, and calories.

Learn how to stop the binge behavior that has been ingrained into your bodies functioning, understand what your body needs both physically and spiritually to achieve optimal health, start looking at your health decisions as part of your belief system, and so much more.

Sugar is not the enemy, negative self-talk and self-criticism are. Laura believes in creating a positive self-image that is not based on performance but instead based on your own sense of purpose. We all want to create a meaningful life that we look back on with fond memories, and being focused or distracted by your body image is not the way to achieve that

When you have a sense of purpose, you can increase your physiological resiliency and in turn create healthy habits that are as easy as autopilot. It is time to start looking at your health decisions and understanding how it relates to your belief system in order to find the most minimal way to keep your body on track.

Are you ready to stop focusing so heavily on diet and nutrition and start feeding yourself spiritually? Share what you loved most about Laura’s perspective in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

  • Understanding why you may be craving sugar and how to reduce the cravings
  • How over exercising could be holding you back from experiencing your best health
  • The three categories you should be using to evaluate your malnourishment
  • Using your faith to release your anxiety over food, fitness and body image
  • Recognizing yourself as valuable regardless of your performance or diet

Resources Mentioned In This Show


“Just because you are eating good quality real food, vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, all that stuff, that doesn’t mean you are getting enough calories or macronutrients to meet your bodies needs.” (25:31)

“There is research showing that the restriction of foods can actually trigger cravings and then bingeing on those foods later. That’s not just an anecdotal thing, it is found in the research.” (40:52)

“If we can switch that mindset of the typical belief that the more you do the better your results will be, I really like to switch that and say ‘what is the least I can do to get the results that I want to get’, and after that, it’s more just like bonus points if I feel like doing more.” (50:38)

“Make sure that you aren’t spending all of your time focused so heavily on nutrition and fitness and all that stuff. Honestly, I feel that should be a tool to help you pursue your purpose, not the purpose of your life to focus on that stuff so heavily.” (1:06:38)

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Harder To Kill Radio 213: Why You Need To Stop Focusing On Diet Fads w/ Laura Schoenfeld

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