letting go of used to podcast art episode 236 harder to kill radio

Letting Go of “Used To” – Harder to Kill Radio 236

Are you stuck comparing yourself to what you used to be able to do…or how you used to be like in a different season of life? Well, it’s time to cut that out because it isn’t helping.

letting go of used to podcast art episode 236 harder to kill radio

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Letting Go of “Used To”

“I used to be able to…”

At one time in my life – about 6 years ago – I front squatted 240 pounds.

Today, I front squatted 75 pounds.

I’m not a bad person. I’m not “worse” now than I was back then. This is a different time in my life, and I have different priorities and interests. Back then I was training for olympic weightlifting. Now I do a mixture of different training: kettlebells, barbells, BJJ, corrective exercise.

Be honest, how often do you start a sentence with “I used to be able to…” and go on to trash yourself for not being as XYZ as you used to be?

Here’s the fierce love truth:

You aren’t there anymore. You’re here, now.

Maybe things have changed.Maybe you chose those things and you’re happy about it. Maybe you didn’t choose those things and it sucks.

Either way, yes, feel your feelings. Reminisce, even. But at some point you have to process and keep moving.

But let’s be clear: You weren’t a better person because you could squat more once upon a time.

In today’s episode, I’m serving up some real talk, support, and love so you can let go of living in the past and actually enjoy your present.

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