Living the Sweet Life with Lee Selman & Nik Hawks – Harder to Kill Radio #103

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Paleo Treats founders Lee & Nik sit down to chat about taking chances, walking your own unique path, growing a gluten-free food business, and living the sweet life on episode 103 of Harder to Kill Radio.
Living the Sweet Life – Harder to Kill Radio #103 |

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When I think of Lee Selman and Nik Hawks, founders of Paleo Treats, the three words that come to mind are: zest for life. I first met Lee & Nik at a Friday Night Lights CrossFit event in San Diego where we all live way back in 2012. Since then, I’ve had the good fortune to not only enjoy their tasty eats and watch their business thrive, but to become a friend.

In this episode, I sat down with Lee & Nik to chat about their diverse adventures and interests, running a business, and squeezing the juice out of life.

About Lee Selman & Nik Hawks

Lee Selman is an adventurous spirit. She’s a professional camel handler by trade and spent time running an expedition company in West Africa in the Sahara. When Lee isn’t running the numbers or strategizing for Paleo Treats Inc, she creates art with a partner under the name ManRabbit. She also practices kali, Filipino street fighting with stick, sword and knife with Blackline Fight Group in Carlsbad, CA. under the tutelage of Roy Harris.

Nik Hawks is a lover of information and wild places, Nik is a cross between tech-geek & Luddite. He has one of the greenest thumbs you’ll ever find and is crazy about water conservation; greywater, rainwater, and not keeping a lawn. When he’s not at the office working on marketing you can usually find him running in the local parks of San Diego or hanging out with his dogs, Birdie & Marvel.

Lee & Nik founded Paleo Treats, the first company to focus exclusively on paleo desserts, back in 2009. They are working to disrupt one of the biggest and most powerful industries in the world:  Big Sugar. Their goal is to make the finale to your meal as healthy as the appetizer and to make sure that your desserts taste as good or better than anything else you could make with “cheat” ingredients.

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Living the Sweet Life – Harder to Kill Radio #103 |

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