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FIt preDIcTIONS: top 5 nutrition & FITNESS TRENDS TO LEAVE BEHIND in 2023

...And what to do instead for a strong 2024

Thurs, NOV 16
4 pm pacific / 7 pm eastern

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About your Teacher

HI, I'm Steph Gaudreau!

My mission is to help you fuel for more, not less: bigger muscles, strength, energy, and possibilities.

I believe in challenging the status quo of the fitness & nutrition industry and the limiting narratives put on us as athletic women over 40.

As a CISSN sports nutritionist, NASM-CPT / strength coach and 2x certified menopause coaching specialist, I provide solutions for women over 40 to fuel smarter, get stronger and feel badass.

On a whim, in 2010, I walked into a gym and signed up to lift weights. Little did I know this would change my life forever.

Since then, I’ve guided thousands of athletic women in my online strength & nutrition programs and private coaching. I’m a best-selling author and host of Fuel Your Strength, a long-running nutrition and fitness podcast for women with 4+ million downloads.

Come learn with me!