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Fueling 101: Nutrition for Athletic Women 40+

When: May 27-31, 2024
Where: online

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About your host

HI, I'm Steph Gaudreau!

My mission is to help you fuel for more: bigger muscles, strength, and possibilities.

I’m the only strength strategist for women 40+ who can help you feel like an athlete again, build a strong body and fitness that lasts for year, and give the middle finger to aging like society says you “should.”

I’m 2010, I started lifting weights, and it changed my life forever. 

I also had no clue how to fuel my efforts because despite decades of athletics, nobody ever taught me about proper nutrition. 

Steph Gaudreau

Through professional education, coaching and lots of trial and error, I learned how to eat for strength and performance. 

And I changed careers in 2013 to teach women like you how to do the same through my book – The Core 4, my online strength & nutrition programs, and the Fuel Your Strength Podcast.

Key credentials:

  • CISSN Sports Nutritionist
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Menopause Coaching Specialist

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