Meatsuit |


What’s a meatsuit? Your muscles. And strong muscles matter…

Meatsuit |

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…for so many reasons other than what you initially think.

This “meatsuit” of yours – your muscles – are critical to your strength. But did you know that muscle mass is also a huge predictor of your longevity and your ability to recover form catastrophic health events?

In this episode of Harder to Kill Radio, my special cohost Jamie Scott and I are chewing the fat about strength, muscle, fat, and the dire circumstances our modern world puts our meatsuits in…

…unless we consciously opt out of anti-gravity conveniences like cars, chairs, moving sidewalks, and escalators.

This issue goes beyond just vanity.

It’s time we go beyond a discussion of fat vs. skinny. It’s time we start peeling back the layers of complexity that are central to society’s aversion to being strong.

Our health literally depends on it.

And speaking of muscles…if you’re on the hunt for a gym program that’ll help you get bigger, stronger, sexier muscles, check out The Bigness Project from my girl Jen Sinkler.

It’s hot off the presses – just launched – and it’s on sale through this Friday. You get 14 weeks of training plus all the awesome bonuses that go with it. I did Day 1 yesterday and it was totally fun/ hard.

It included some tempo back squats (totes normal for me)…


…and some sissy squats for quad work (never did these in my life until yesterday!)…


…and lots of other stuff too.

Click here to check out The Bigness Project and snag your sale price, yo!

In This Episode of Harder to Kill Radio, We Cover:

  • the role of muscle in health & disease.
  • why a strong meatsuit matters for reasons far beyond vanity.
  • how our modern world is setting us up to be sedentary and weak.
  • what to do to counteract a sedentary life.
  • why this issue goes beyond a binary of skinny or fat.
  • …and a lot more.

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  1. Hello! I have just discovered your podcast, and am really enjoying your content! This episode really resonated with me, but left me wanting more information on how to “build a new baseline” after being sedentary without hurting ones-self. If you could refer me to some of your other content, I would appreciate it! Thank you!

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