Medicine’s Future with Guillermo Ruiz – Harder to Kill Radio #68

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Thanks for tuning into Episode 68 of Harder to Kill Radio with my special guest, Guillermo Ruiz of 30/30 Strong.

Future of Medicine with Guillermo Ruiz |

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Guillermo Ruiz’s Bio:

I am a first generation Mexican American, born in Brownsville, Texas. I spent my first 14 years in Mexico, before moving to Florida in 1995. At Glades Central High School I earned the Presidential Scholarship Award to Palm Beach Community College.

After receiving an Associates of Arts degree from PBCC, I finished a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences and a minor in Health Services Administration at the University of Central Florida. Go Knights! I am currently a research assistant at SCNM and work part time as a researcher at the Arizona State University Biodesign Institute.

I am part of a research team that focuses in the prevention, control and treatment of multidrug resistant bacteria and viruses with the use of botanicals and other naturally occurring substances such as amino acids and minerals.

I also serve as president of the Botanical and Nutritional Medicine Club and I’m a board member of Naturopaths Without Borders. I hope to advance naturopathic practices with an evidence based medicine approach, and continue to learn and practice an evolutionary sound diet.

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Harder to Kill Radio Ep 68 |

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