Harder To Kill Radio 240 Messy Thoughts On Food Part 2

Messy Thoughts On Food Part 2 – Harder to Kill Radio 240

Welcome back to the second part of my messy thoughts on food, where we dig into the scale, our relationship with food and the importance of looking at food as a bio-individual process rather than a one size fits all standard.

Harder To Kill Radio 240 Messy Thoughts On Food Part 2

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Fear Around Food

Disordered relationships with food are an increasingly common problem and something that many people including yours truly have struggled with on a serious level. Negative body image, poor body confidence, dysmorphic thoughts, and stress and anxiety can all be related to our relationship with food and this episode is all about exploring the spectrum of disordered eating.

Learn why I have no tolerance for those who dismiss fear around food, how Paleo helped me feel more comfortable in my body, why I am passionate about bridging the gap between intuitive eating and nutritional therapy, plus much more.

If you feel like the rules and constructs you have around food is causing you stress, anxiety or social isolation, and want to stop the on again off again dieting, it is important to keep having these conversations. And if you are serious about helping people change the way they think about food you need to be open to having your mind changed as well.

What about this episode made you feel called to make a change and shift into a new direction when thinking about our unique relationships with food? Share with me in the comments below.

On Today’s Episode

  • Exploring the role intention, impact and Paleo had on my nutrition journey (10:50)
  • Getting away from diet culture in the traditional sense to find food harmony (12:10)
  • Why continuing to just talk about the ‘what’ of nutrition is not enough (21:00)
  • Dismissing nutrition and intuitive eating myths and setting the record straight (23:25)
  • What to do if you need help with disordered eating right now (28:10)

Resources Mentioned In This Show

HTK 238: Messy Thoughts On Food Part 1

Intuitive Eating Book

HTK 143: Dr. Tee Williams

HTK 150: Goodbye. Hello.

National Eating Disorders Association

Order The Core 4 Book Here

Nutritional Therapy Association Website


“It’s beyond debilitating and fucks with your head when you really do judge your own self-worth and value from what the scale says.” (9:13)

“For me personally, Paleo was a great stepping stone, I really started learning about how to eat more nourishing foods and what that looked like and just get on this path to feeling better in my body.” (13:43)

“If we are going to do healing protocols on folks who have problematic relationships with food, we have to address that relationship with food first.” (17:33)

“Intuitive eating is not a diet, it’s not going to be something you can just flip in and out of, or that’s got one specific set of rules. It’s highly nuanced and its a process, it is a living, breathing thing.” (29:37)

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