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Mind Your Own Plate – Harder to Kill Radio 198

When it comes to food choices, keep your eyes – and your opinions – on your own plate.

mind your own plate podcast art episode 198 harder to kill radio


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Mind Your Own Plate

Ever had someone comment about how much you’re eating with a particular tone of disgust or fake surprise? If you’re a woman who puts anything more than child-size portions on her plate, the answer is probably yes. As a society, women are expected to be bird-like eaters who push two leaves of lettuce and a cherry tomato around their plates. (Thanks, diet culture.)

In this episode, I’m examining – and ranting about – why minding your own plate is probably the best idea. It’s complicated how we got to this tiny portions club in the first place. And how we’re going to collectively get out of it isn’t straightforward either. There are so many layers to this issue, many of which I don’t have an answer to.

One thing I do know? Plate-shaming someone ain’t gonna help.

On Today’s Episode

  • Observations about plate-minding and plate-shaming
  • Layers that must be peeled back in understanding this topic more fully
  • Questions to ask yourself when you feel like you can’t help but comment on someone’s plate

Resources Mentioned In This Show

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