Harder To Kill Radio 125: What You Need To Know (But Probably Don't) About Birth Control w/ Dr. Jolene Brighten

What You Need To Know (But Probably Don’t) About Birth Control w/ Dr. Jolene Brighten

A topic that seems to be on everyone’s mind lately is birth control and women’s hormone health.  

A leading expert in post-birth control syndrome & hormonal birth control related problems, Dr. Jolene Brighten is back on the podcast today to help shed some light on her birth control protocols.

Harder To Kill Radio 125: What You Need To Know (But Probably Don't) About Birth Control w/ Dr. Jolene Brighten

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About Dr. Jolene Brighten

The choice to take birth control is different for every woman, and Dr. Brighten works with her clients to create individualized health plans based on symptom resolution and root cause medicine.

Today she is explaining the purpose behind her work, how to live in resonance with what is serving you best, and how to stop being afraid and playing it safe by speaking your truth.

We are tackling everything from the power and disconnection around social media to embracing negative emotions and stepping into your power. Dr. Brighten wants to help you stop using birth control to mask your other symptoms by taking back your hormones and ending the fight with your body.

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On Today’s Episode

  • Balancing delivering what people want with staying in your truth
  • Factors when deciding if birth control is right for your body and how to get off the pill
  • Common side effects of hormonal birth control you may not be aware of
  • Thyroid hormones, liver function, and birth control
  • How to avoid potential hormone dysfunction down the road
  • Demanding better from your birth control and cultivating your intuition

Resources Mentioned In This Show

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Ep 3: Not Your Average Physician


“I feel like the universe has taken me like a little rag doll and just shaken me like crazy a few times, and you know every time has been a call to wake up and to do that bigger work and to step out of fear. And you know that’s where I think that that’s part of why there are so many of us walking around feeling sick and feeling awful is because we operate out of that place of fear and we you know we aren’t stepping up and living in our truth.” (8:05)

“I just want to encourage people who are listening like, step into your power, step into your truth, and be you, and don’t apologize for who you are for a second. You will repel people, people will not like you, and that’s okay. But you will find your tribe, and you know I think there are so many experts who speak to the fact that like when you find your purpose, I mean like health flows effortlessly when you find your purpose and you are living in your purpose.” (11:23)

“I think that for the most part medicine is trying to do what they feel is best. But a lot of what they are doing and what they feel is best is disempowering and interrupting what is natural and what our bodies are designed to do. So with that in mind, that’s why I really come from a place of I’m not here to tell you what to do. How can I know how to live your life better than you? I can’t.“ (22:03)

“It’s not something to be like oh whatever take the pill, don’t take the pill, [because] it is a medication. And it does have side effects to it and there are also side effects to getting off it. So we just need to honor that woman and her journey and where she is at.” (38:21)

“When you think about how much we are all trying to avoid plastic and avoid all these environmental toxins and here there is so much where women are like I cleaned up my diet, I cleaned up my house, I cleaned up everything, I’m living a cleaner life, and then it’s like so why am I popping this pill every day? And it’s so true. (44:22)

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Harder To Kill Radio 125: What You Need To Know (But Probably Don't) About Birth Control w/ Dr. Jolene Brighten

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