Mark Groves episode 115 Harder to Kill Radio

No BS Relationship Advice w/ Mark Groves – Harder To Kill Radio 115

There is a line between self-love and being selfish, and today’s guest, Mark Groves believes that by transitioning your mindset from ‘I have to fit in’ to ‘I am me’, you can start to make the world react to you, instead of you reacting to it. Stressing the importance of communicating your truth, celebrating who you are, and not letting others dictate if your emotions are valid, Mark’s methodology is inspirational and refreshing.

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Mark Groves episode 115 Harder to Kill Radio

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About Mark Groves

Mark is a Human Connection Specialist, and no question is off limits today as we dive deep into interpersonal relationships. Mark delivers no BS relationship advice and helps his clients understand the relationships in their lives through a deeper understanding of themselves. Mark holds nothing back as we discuss everything from ways you are subconsciously putting yourself last, how we can find ourselves become interdependent, and learning to communicate more considerately.

Are you ready to wake up and take your self-worth back into your own hands? By renegotiating the relationships in our lives, we can begin to be motivated by our own ability to understand. Let us know your thoughts on Mark’s tough love and empowerment in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

  • How to find balance between opening up to others and self-love
  • The connection between your relationships to people, stress, and food
  • Being more mindful of how you interact with your phone and social media
  • Exploring how your decisions elicit reactions from others
  • The unspoken agreements in every relationship you need to be aware of

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Mark Groves

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“There is a line there where you can be so independent that you are not available to love. And the dance really of life is figuring out how to do you both be committed to or integrated in a relationship with another and maintain who you are.” (9:44)

“You have to lose yourself to find yourself, you have to experience what is not you to know what is you. And in the human experience that is such a beautiful adventure and you sort of wake up to the juiciness of life, the extremes of feelings.” (13:14)

“It’s a delicate dance of negotiation and communication, and I think the real key to it is, invite the people to join you, but don’t abandon yourself to meet them. Don’t shrink yourself to be with someone else… instead, say ‘I will continue to rise and be my best self, will you join me?’” (39:40)

“There are no negative feelings, they are just feelings! And they are information. And information provides you with opportunity. And if you’re not fucking listening you’re going to hurt. And then you are going to take a pill to numb the hurt or eat a lot of sugar or be sedentary or stay in shitty relationships or fuck around in jobs you hate, because that will be the familiar and growth is always scary. Just like losing people is scary, just like not knowing what the fuck is going to happen is scary. But sometimes knowing what’s going to happen really hurts too.” (57:41)


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Harder To Kill Radio 115: The No BS Relationship Advice You Need To Hear w/ Mark Groves

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