Fuel Your Strength

Fuel Smarter.

Lift Heavier.

Get Stronger.

Fuel your strength


Dieting is out. Fueling is in. 

Athletic 40-something women need to approach nutrition & training differently. In this private podcast, you’ll learn the Fuel Your Strength framework and the biggest pitfalls to avoid so you get results & feel like a badass.


Take all the guesswork out of your workout with this written-for-you 16 week dumbbell-based strength program. Designed with progressive overload in mind to help you make smart, steady progress.

Strength Nutrition Unlocked

High-level coaching program for athletic 40+ women who want to get stronger, build muscle, boost energy, and perform better. Implement evidence-backed strategies to fuel, train, and recover smarter with the support & accountability you need.

1-1 Strength Nutrition Coaching

Make lasting progress on your goals with personalized, high-touch nutrition coaching. Get custom nutrition and habit change guidance that takes all of you into account so you can build your energy, stamina, and strength.

you're made for more

Lifting weights makes you feel like a total badass. It’s also a catalyst for a more expansive life. It’s time to challenge the BS status quo of the nutrition and fitness space; around here, we embrace lifting heavy and we don’t shy away from carbs. 

If you’re ready to fuel your body, lift, and recover using evidence-based strategies, you’re in the right place.

Hi, I'm Steph!

Lord of the Rings nerd, cold brew drinker, and depending on who you ask, crazy cat lady.

My mission is to help you fuel for more, not less: bigger muscles, strength, energy, and possibilities.

We’ll do it with my signature blend of science, strategy…and a little bit of sass.

Strength Nutrition Unlocked

Fuel smarter so you get stronger & build muscle, boost energy, and perform better in this high-level coaching program. When you’re an athletic woman in your 40s, you need to change up how you fuel and train. You’ll learn how in Strength Nutrition Unlocked.

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