Paleo Pantry and Fridge…Take a Look!

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Take a look at my paleo pantry and fridge.


Stupid Easy Paleo is back after a 4 month hiatus! I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath. But really.

Took some time off of blogging to train (besides working full time and having other responsibilities) but now the season is over – albeit prematurely due to injury – so I’m resurrecting the blog with a new twist: that’s right, lots of me on camera.

So many chances for self-depricating humor and sneaking in Chem 101 when I can…muahaha! If there’s something Paleo-related you’d like me to do a short segment about, put it in the comments here, and I’ll take a crack at it. And please, be kind…I’m not a professional actor, TV personality or video editor. You may laugh, you may even cringe…but you’ll definitely learn about how to cook Paleo, the simple way.

So to kick things off, I decided to open my pantry and fridge to all of the universe my 3 followers! Now you have a chance to see what it looks like to keep Paleo supplies on hand. I swear none of my pantry items were rearranged, and I didn’t clean up my fridge. Truth. And for those of you who prefer to read what I keep on hand (or can’t watch because you’re reading blogs while at work), here’s a list of my staples:



  • Fresh veggies (duh!) and occasional fresh fruit (I just don’t love it so I don’t buy much)
  • Lean meats and seafood
  • Sometimes HIGH quality bacon (think organic at minimum)
  • Eggs (I keep at least 2 dozen on hand at one time)
  • Condiments: fish sauce, mustard (no sugar added), fresh sauerkraut, etc.

So that’s that!! Hope I charmed the pants off ya and that it gives some of you a jumping off point for your journey with Paleo (or some new ideas for you seasoned pros)!! Stay tuned for another video coming soon…a recipe for ceviche!

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