Harder To Kill Radio 221 Why You Should Dump Perfectionism & Embrace Generalism w/ Pat Flynn

Why You Should Dump Perfectionism & Embrace Generalism w/ Pat Flynn – Harder to Kill Radio 221

After striving to become perfect, Pat Flynn realized that it is okay to be average. More than that, he realized the potential of becoming good to great, or at least fairly competent, at many different things could have a positive effect on your life. With his new book, How to be Better at Almost Everything, Pat is taking his principles of Generalism to the masses and is here today to help you apply it to everything in your life to become a more robust human being.

Harder To Kill Radio 221 Why You Should Dump Perfectionism & Embrace Generalism w/ Pat Flynn

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Becoming Better Through Generalism

If you struggle with the idea of not being the best at something, it could be causing major harm to your health and mindset. Pat believes that being a specialist can be a big mistake for most people, and urges us ‘normal’ humans to accept generalism and all the power that comes with it.

Pat is an open book and a wealth of knowledge who shares his struggle with anxiety, bullying, and more on this episode. Find out how a background in writing gave him a leg up in the fitness world, why you should be focusing on becoming a short term specialist, and how to become better at multiple areas of your life without feeling too much pressure.

A generalist mentality can help you improve your everyday life, find more fulfillment in the things you enjoy, and stop the negative self-talk. Your value as a human being is based off who you are, not what you can accomplish, and Pat is here to help you realize that.

Are you ready to stop obsessing over things that really don’t matter and embrace generalism into your life? Share what you learned from Pat in the comments below.

On Today’s Episode

  • What three basic life skills you should start working on building today
  • How to stack your skills and find value in who you are not what you do
  • The realities of entrepreneurship and facing your fears in the name of freedom
  • Why you should ditch perfectionism to find more progress and liberation
  • How to form a new relationship with anxiety and philosophically rebrand your life

Resources Mentioned In This Show

How to Be Better at Almost Everything by Pat Flynn

Chronicles of Strength Website

The Pat Flynn Show

101 Kettlebell Workouts Free PDF

HTK 082: Pat Flynn

Nutritional Therapy Association Website


“In life for most people most of the time, you are probably going to have more competitive and creative advantages getting good to great, or at least fairly competent, at a wide variety of skills rather than trying to be the best in the world at any one.” (14:30)

“When I finally started to actually find success in areas, it wasn’t because I was trying to be the best at any one thing. But good to great, or fairly competent, at a lot of different things.” (34:18)

“Humility is an amazing and wonderful thing. Being able to admit you know what, I am not the best at something. And that is okay, and I am still infinitely value and infinitely worth having in existence regardless of any of that.” (40:27)

“The day of reckoning is going to come. Be it age or injury or whatever, there is going to be a day when you lose that capacity. So you can either decide to take a deep existential look at that now, and work through that now, which I think can be extremely liberating and freeing.” (49:51)

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Harder To Kill Radio 221 Why You Should Dump Perfectionism & Embrace Generalism w/ Pat Flynn

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