Harder To Kill Radio 153: Pelvic Floor Health And Why It Is So Important w/ Jessie Mundell

Pelvic Floor Health w/ Jessie Mundell – Harder To Kill Radio 153

Leaks. Lots of women get them, but nobody seems to talk about them. That’s why this episode is dedicated to helping moms, moms to be and women in general, deal with common issues that women are often too embarrassed to talk about.

Harder To Kill Radio 153: Pelvic Health And Why It Is So Important w/ Jessie Mundell

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About Jessie Mundell

Jessie Mundell is an expert in prenatal and postnatal exercise and is a wealth of knowledge exploding with information about your pelvic health and how you can gain a better quality of life. Jessie is here to share a message of hope and help for pregnant and postpartum women and dismiss any myths or misconceptions around your pelvic floor, core, and incontinence.

Learn about everything from managing the pressure in your core to reduce or eliminate incontinence in daily life, to how a pelvic health physiotherapist can help you work on your breathing, body position, and alignment. Understand how to properly do a Kegel, what physical and hormonal changes your body goes through during birth, and why you should stop sucking in your belly.

If you are looking for a guide to everything that your body is going through, Jessie is here to let you know that what’s happening is totally normal. It is time to get to a place of peace with your body so you can start fully experiencing your pregnancy and motherhood.

Did this episode have an impact on how you will manage your intraabdominal pressure? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

  • Regaining function in your pelvis and abdomen after birth
  • Using insight gained during pregnancy to become a better exercise programmer
  • The right way to train when you are pre or postnatal
  • Understanding the pressure system of the pelvic floor and core
  • How long postpartum can last and why it is different for all women

Resources Mentioned In This Show

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To Birth and Beyond Podcast


“The basis of the work that we do is in strength training programming. So we’re getting these people, we’re getting these moms, to be lifting weights and just getting them to feel really strong and capable in their bodies, and in turn in their lives in various facets as well.” (8:52)

“The struggles were necessary for me to think differently about birth, and that made me a better coach. Because I am able to talk to people in such a different manner and able to coach so differently. Able to kind of tap into my own fears and my own struggles and hopefully help them in some way. (10:37)

“First we need to tune in and be able to feel that sensation in our bodies of the pelvic floor relaxing and chilling out. Just going to the strengthening phase isn’t going to be the best route.” (25:34)

“I just want [sufferers] to know that it is a common experience, but there is help, and this doesn’t have to be something that they need to live with. Again, there is so much hope there is so much help, so if they want that help, then let’s help them.” (27:50)

“I think its a really positive thing to take a flexible mindset into these time periods of pregnancy and postpartum because your body does require different strategies during these periods because of all it is going through or all it has gone through.” (45:07)

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Harder To Kill Radio 153: Pelvic Floor Health And Why It Is So Important w/ Jessie Mundell

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