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Steph Gaudreau, CISSN, NASM-CPT (she/her/hers) helps athletic women over 40 fuel themselves better, get stronger, increase their energy, and perform better in the gym. She’s a sports nutritionist and lifting coach.

In her best-selling book, The Core 4, she details a four pillar approach to getting stronger, embracing your body, and owning your power. Steph has a degree in biology – human physiology. She is a Certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society for Sports Nutrition (CISSN), Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine), and Menopause Coaching Specialist (Girls Gone Strong).

Her podcast, Fuel Your Strength, started in 2015 and has over 5 million downloads. She’s an international speaker and has been featured in Outside, SELF, and ESPN Radio. 

Steph Gaudreau

Photo Credit: Richwell Correa, special thanks to CrossFit Chula Vista



  • 1st Place – Best General Health / Wellness Website, 2017, Paleo Magazine Awards
  • 3rd Place – Best Specialty Cookbook, 2016, Paleo Magazine Awards
  • Top 15 Must-Read Health & Happiness Blogs of 2016, Greatist.com
  • #1 Best Seller (for an entire month) – Amazon New Releases, Paleo Cookbooks for Performance Paleo Cookbook (2015)
  • 1st Place – Most Anticipated New Cookbook, 2015, Paleo Magazine Awards
  • 2nd Place – Best Food-Centered Blog, Paleo Magazine Awards
  • 2nd Place – Best Dessert, Paleo Magazine Awards
  • #1 Best Seller – Amazon Kindle Fitness Books for The Paleo Athlete


Steph helps women athletes over 40 fuel themselves better so they get stronger, increase their energy, and perform better in the gym.

She’s a Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) and Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), strength coach, author, nutrition and fitness coach, and podcaster.

Steph has written three books. The Core 4, is a #1 Amazon best-seller. It shares her Core 4 pillars of health (HarperOne). Her award-winning book, The Performance Paleo Cookbook: Recipes for Eating Better, Getting Stronger & Gaining the Competitive Edge (Page Street Publishing, 2015) and the best-seller The Paleo Athlete: A Beginner’s Guide to Real Food for Performance (self-published, 2014).  

Steph has a popular weekly nutrition and fitness podcast, Fuel Your Strength, sharing how athletic women over 40 can learn how to eat, train, recover, step into their strength, and feel like badasses! To date, it’s had over 4 million downloads. She’s also the creator of Strength Nutrition Unlocked and the Women’s Strength Summit.

Steph’s an accomplished strength coach (USA Weightlifting Level 1) and is the creator of fitness programs like Dynamic DumbbellsMade StrongBasic Barbell, and Oly Lifting Basics. She coached Olympic weightlifting at CrossFit Fortius in San Diego for almost 4 years and earned numerous CrossFit certifications.

In addition, Steph’s an international speaker on the subjects of nutrition and strength training, giving talks at the Ancestral Health Society and the Ancestral Health Society of New Zealand. Steph’s been recognized in the media by publications such as MindBodyGreen, Outside Magazine, Triathlete and SELF, has appeared on ESPN Radio, and her blog was named by Greatist as one of its 15 Must-Read Health and Happiness blogs of 2016. Scroll down to see more media appearances.

She lives in San Diego with the loves of her life, her Scottish husband Z and her cat Ellie. When she’s not lifting heavy stuff, you can find her tending to her garden, practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu (brown belt), and reading about how to be a better human.


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Steph Gaudreau

Photo Credit: Taylor Gage



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February 2014. Steph’s recipe for Paleo Zucchini Frittata is featured on Breaking Muscle.

January 25, 2014. CrossFit Fortius hosts Steph for a Paleo Nutrition Seminar.

January 24, 2014. Nom Nom Paleo features The Paleo Athlete on her Forky Friday round-up.

January 22, 2014. Prana Physical Therapy reviews The Paleo Athlete.

January 18, 2014. CrossFit Team Academy hosts Steph & Dallas for the Whole Athlete Seminar.

January 13, 2014. Whole9 writes Introducing The Paleo Athlete, about Steph’s new ebook.

January 11, 2014. Bootcamp Fitness KC hosts Steph & Dallas for the Whole Athlete Seminar.

January 9, 2014. A Dash of Meg reviews The Paleo Athlete.

January 4, 2014. CrossFit Love hosts Steph & Dallas for the Whole Athlete Seminar.

November 18, 2013. Whole9 announces the new Whole Athlete Seminar, a collaboration between Whole9 and Stupid Easy Paleo.

November, 2013. Steph’s Kickin’ BBQ Shredded Chicken is nominated for a Best of 2013 Award (Best Savory Recipe—Online) from Paleo Magazine.

October 23, 2013. What’s the Deal With Safe Starches?, Steph’s article for HellaLife.com, is published.

October 1, 2013. Adventures in Creative Entrepreneurship (ACE) interviews Steph about how she started Stupid Easy Paleo.

September 18, 2013. Fresh Rag’s Creative Business Podcast features an interview with Steph about why health is so important to entrepreneurs.

September 14, 2013. Steph speaks at CrossFit Glasgow’s Paleo Challenge Seminar.

September 14, 2013. Steph’s article, Ask a CrossFitter, is published on CaliforniaPaleoKitchens.com.

September, 2013. Steph’s recipe for Kickin’ BBQ Shredded Chicken is featured on NomNomPaleo.com.

August 22, 2013. Steph writes Eating In All Directions for RobbWolf.com.

August 8, 2013. Popular Paleo interviews Steph about The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

August 8, 2013. Steph’s recipe for Low and Slow: Chai Tea Braised Short Ribs is featured on HellaLife.com.

July 31, 2013. Whole30 features Steph’s Whole30-only Pinterest board as a resource for readers.

July 23, 2013. Steph’s tutorial for How to Pan Fry the Perfect Steak, posts to HellaLife.com.

July 12, 2013. Steph’s article, 3 Reasons To Get Meat Adventurous, is featured on HellaLife.com.

July 6, 2013. CrossFit Fortius hosts Steph for a Paleo Nutrition Seminar.

June 28, 2013. Steph’s article, To Eat Grass-Fed Meat or Not? is featured on HellaLife.com.

June 13, 2013. Steph’s article, Time to Eat a Steak: Why Red Meat Should Be On Your Plate, is published on HellaLife.com.

May 5, 2013. Steph’s recipe for Watermelon Mojito Salad is featured on Mark’s Daily Apple’s Weekend Link Love.

March 27, 2013. Spanish Cauliflower Rice, Steph’s recipe for HellaLife.com, is published.

February 12, 2013. Steph joins HellaLife.com as a featured contributor.

April 9, 2012. Mel Joulwan from The Clothes Make The Girl profiles Steph’s newest videos.

October, 2011. Steph’s named a Whole30 Envoy Extraordinnaire!

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