Mindful Eating Tool

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Ready to take your first step toward REAL food freedom?

Get the Mindful Eating Tool.

Inside, I’ll introduce you to 4 key shifts for creating healthy habits + how to stack those habits for next level results.

You get:

4 audio lessons
The habit tracker tool plus tutorial
Bonus workbook

This is exactly how I got started creating powerful momentum toward my goals and I’ve helped thousands of others do the same. Let’s get started!

testimonial text on white background that reads: "I've finally had a breakthrough! I am loving the mindful stacking tool. It is really working for me. I am focusing on breakfast for now and I am really eating much more mindfully and even more slowly. Thanks Steph!"


The Mindful Eating Tool includes instant access to:

digital mockup of the mindful eating tool

1. Four powerful lessons on making healthier eating stick:

    • Explore Mindful Eating
    • Mindful Eating Motivators
    • Habits That Stick
    • Build Your Stack

2. Four bonus audio recordings so you can listen on the go

3. The Mindful Eating Tool spreadsheet

4. Mindful Eating Companion Workbook

Let’s get started!

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