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12 week mindset remix

Dive in deep and take action toward living a stronger, more confident life on YOUR terms.

Strength School 

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Are you ready to dive in deep and take action toward living a stronger, more confident life on YOUR terms?

The Women’s Strength Summit introduced you to your infinite potential as a strong woman of resilient body, mind, and spirit. And now, it’s up to you to take that knowledge and run with it. That can be the most challenging part.

It happens all the time: You attend a stellar event that gets you super pumped to take on an aspect of self-improvement. EneGraphic_Where-will-you-be-in-3-months-6-months-1-year_2rgy is high and your resolve is strong. “This time, it’s going to be different!”

But then life gets in the way and the excitement fades. Soon you find yourself back in the same pattern of old habits.

If you’re up for taking it to the next level and really doing the work – I mean really digging in – Strength School is your next step.

In this 12-week mindset remix, you’ll be challenged to assess, investigate, and create new possibilities for your strength in mind, body, and spirit through carefully designed coaching sequences.

Instead of cramming your goals and desires into someone else’s itty-bitty idea box, you’ll be building what YOU want.

I’ve got some meaningful activities planned for you – no fluff – and I want action-takers.

If you’re ready to make something big happen in your life, then Strength School is for you.

Strength School reopens Spring 2017


The twelve modules are arranged into three phases: mind, body, and spirit. Each week has a specific theme designed to help you suss out what you’re doing now, and what you want to create for yourself.

Sometimes, all you really need is the right person to guide you. That’s where I come in as your coach.

You want concrete action steps to follow. You’ll get those.

Combine that with accountability, and you’re going to fly!

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What will I do in Strength School?



Module 1 
Identify Core Values

Module 2 
Pinpoint Roadblocks

Module 3 
Understand Habits

Module 4 
Set Effective Goals



Module 5
Manage Stress

Module 6 
Sleep Smarter

Module 7 
Nourish Your Body

Module 8 
Move More



Module 9 
Make Peace

Module 10
Find Your Why

Module 11 
Strengthen Connections

Module 12 
Cultivate Resilience

 How does it work?


Twelve weekly modules.


Private weekly group coaching call.


Proven coaching & learning techniques mean you get results.


Group support helps accelerate your progress.


Work on the modules on your own time, from anywhere in the world.


Sweet bonuses to support you on your way.

Meet Your Coach

Greatness is already inside you. Sometimes you need the right coach to help you reach in and grab it.

Strength School |

Hi, I’m Steph Gaudreau, Strength School head coach and creator of the Women’s Strength Summit. I’ve got nearly 15 years of experience teaching and coaching others, and I’m ready to help you achieve the strength and confidence that you keep imagining.

That’s why I created Strength School.

Some of my most defining decisions and realizations came about through my work with MY coaches.

Simply put, the right guidance at the right time coupled with the right amount of determination and focus has led to game-changing action.

I want you start crafting the things you’ve been envisioning for yourself, and I help women just like you get strong, fit and confident so they can stop wishing and start doing.

Nothing gets me more fired up than helping women tap into their unlimited potential, harness their strength and confidence, and create the lifestyle that they’ve always dreamed of for themselves.

When I’m not working on projects like Strength School, you can find me lifting heavy barbells, tending to my beehive, reading nerdy nonfiction, and hanging out with my Scottish husband, Z and my rambunctious cat, Ellie.

Included in Strength School…


  • Weekly video lessons & action-packed funsheets designed for you to assess, investigate, and create new possibilities for each module.
  • Q&A group calls weekly so you get the support you need.
  • Private online community so you can connect with other mastermind students.
  • Valuable resources vault so you can reach in any time you need a bit of extra inspiration.
  • Surprise bonuses…because who doesn’t like surprises?!
  • Limited group size so you get personal attention.

Strength School reopens Spring 2017!

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