Listen to Your Body podcast 290 Start Living Your Life By Design w/ Rai Henry

Start Living Your Life By Design w/ Rai Henry

Life, as we know it, has changed and our creative expression has changed as well. Instead of focusing on self-actualization, many are turning to the powers of community, collective, and creativity in order to heal and step into alignment. Rai Henry is a personal coach who is passionate about helping others reignite their creativity, and step out of the hustle and into the flow.

Listen to Your Body podcast 290 Start Living Your Life By Design w/ Rai Henry

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Being Intentional About Your Life, Business, & Values

While you may not consider yourself a ‘creative’, Rai believes that anyone who is tapping into a part of themselves in order to express it to others fits into the creative mold. By being intentional about your life, business and values, Rai helps others show up in a way that aligns with your DNA, or Divine Natural Approach. 

Through deliberate work, you can recognize the blocks in your life and learn how to flow through them. Rai wants to get to know you and open you up to the limitless possibilities that are waiting for you. By focusing on your own personal responsibility you can look inside to achieve better flow, heal from trauma, and start living your life by design. 

Are you ready to use your creative expression as a tool for healing, aligning, and thriving? Share what you loved most about Rai’s unique and refreshing perspective with us in the comments below.

On Today’s Episode

  • Discover what it means to be creative and make an impact aligned with your vision (11:15)
  • Why the individual self-actualization approach is being replaced with the collective (18:20)
  • How to experience the energy of creativity and flow and recognize your blocks (20:30)
  • Tips for expanding your view of abundance and co-creation within your tribe (24:50)
  • How to give yourself permission to thrive after trauma and learn to trust yourself (28:08)

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“That’s really what I am here to do. Help people show up in the world, have an impact, but really find their true values along the way.” (10:07)

“In a time like today where the world is going through such revolution and transformation, it can be very easy to feel like you are doing it alone, when truly we are doing it as a collective.” (17:21)

“Were shifting from that individual model, and the only way to do that is to be transparent, to be vulnerable, and to be open about what you are experiencing so that you can connect to your community or your tribe and grow beyond your own limitations.” (19:59)

“I didn’t have any of the guidance, I didn’t have any kind of blueprint or framework to work from. But I forged it myself, along with spirit guiding me and the beautiful, what I call messengers, that showed up at different phases of my life. And I have charted that process, and I have taken note of what those key factors were, and I have applied them to the principles of your heroes’ journey, and that is the framework for the work that I am doing right now.” (34:27)

“We are all on one journey, but there are infinite possibilities. So it is so important to remember it is absolutely up to you to choose the flow that works for you. Choose your flow by unlocking that potential and being intentional and deliberate about the life that you want to live, or the business that you want to create.” (37:00)

Start Living Your Life By Design w/ Rai Henry FULL TRANSCRIPT

Steph Gaudreau
This is Episode 290 of the Listen To Your Body podcast. On today’s episode, I’m welcoming coach Rai Henry. She’s sharing with us how to reignite your creativity and step out of hustle into flow.

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Hello, my friend. Thanks for being here on the podcast today. I am so very grateful that you’re taking some time out of your day to hang out with me. And not only me, but my wonderful guest, Rai Henry, who you will hear from in just a couple minutes. Before we dive into the show today, just want to give you an update. You know, sometimes in the technology space when it comes to running websites and all sorts of other great stuff. It’s time to do some upgrades. So I’ve been living in technology upgrade land for the last couple of weeks.

And it’s kind of messing with me there’s a lot shifting and changing and going on but I am so excited about it because it means that if you have one of my programs. If you are getting emails from me, all of these things are going to be so much better in terms of the user experience, so it is 100% worth it. If you’re not on my Listen To Your Body Insiders newsletter, make sure you sign up, go to for Listen To Your Body. I’ll send you updates as things are rolling out. I’ve got some things that I’m still working on and I will tell you this much, there’s stuff coming down the pike, it’s July 6, as I’m recording this, it will probably be out into the world by that point. But I have had to give myself a deadline or else I will just keep extending it out and that is not bringing these hopeful opportunities that will help you to not only tune into yourself, but to work on that food and body piece that I know you are so seeking. And the more I hang on to these things that I’ve been working on the board’s not helping you so expect that that stuff’s going to be out pretty soon and if you want to be the first to know, get on the newsletter list, and also another call to action if you’re not subscribed to the podcast, please do that on your podcast app and share this episode out. You love this episode with Rai Henry please share it out.

You can tag both of us on Instagram I’m happy to reshare it I would love to hear your thoughts and I know that Rai would as well. Her handle on Instagram is SunnySunrai ( go ahead and tag her up, tag me up, and give her a follow while you’re at it. So today, Rai Henry is going to be joining us. She is bringing such a wonderful perspective to creativity, getting over your energy blocks, stepping away from the hustle, and into alignment and flow. She is an incredible coach. And her energy is so wonderful and so grounding and she’s going to be here on the podcast today, sharing all of that with us. She has an incredible program called create collab and flow. This is really for black, indigenous and people of color to work on the journey to healing through creative expression. Rai talks about this program in the podcast, but I would love to remind you if you are somebody who would love to sponsor a scholarship for Create, Collab, And Flow for a black indigenous person of color, via Rai, please go ahead and head over to her website, and we’re gonna link all of that in the show notes as well. You can also find the details to that if you go to her Instagram into the link in her bio, and you find the Create Collab and Flow details. Alright, without further ado, let’s jump into this episode with Rai Henry.

Ms. Rai, how are you?

Rai Henry
Fantastic. Hi, Steph, how are you? I’m good.

Steph Gaudreau
Thank you so much for joining me on the podcast today.

Rai Henry
Thank you for having me. I’m really excited to have this conversation.

Steph Gaudreau
For the folks listening, just to give a little bit of background. I first saw your glorious, wonderful Spirit come through on Instagram, with Collin Fidel from queer Cosmos who has been on the show here not too long ago, a couple of months ago a few months ago at this point and I was out in the garden. I was, I was trimming tomato plants. And I was listening to this Instagram Live that you did with Colin. And Gosh, I just so appreciated hearing your thoughts and your perspectives on creativity and flow and how you work in spirit. And just everything that you had to talk about. I was captivated.

Rai Henry
I’m so grateful. I’m life. Just Collin and being there meeting you. It’s a beautiful thing. Thank you for tuning in and sharing that with us.

Steph Gaudreau
Absolutely. And so we, you know, it’s interesting most of the time, when I have folks on the podcast, it they tend to be people that I have some connection with, I’ve met them before or we’re in we’re Instagram friends, or, you know, we’ve had the chance to chat and so we hopped on a call last week and got a chance to connect. And I just thought, I love your perspective. I love what you’re doing in the world and the authenticity and like the transparency of heart that you have. And I just really, I felt so connected to you and what you’re doing and so I know that this is going to be a really cool conversation for folks listening because obviously, this podcast though it is called Listen To Your Body and we can kind of take that in so many directions have such an interesting way of connecting creativity, and spirit and really looking at flow and how that intersects with like the fullness, I think of people’s experience on this planet in so many different dimensions. So I’m looking forward to chatting with you about all of that today and probably some more that we don’t have planned because we’re taking this kind of as we go, as it was, yeah for, for people that aren’t familiar with you, can you give us a little bit of background? You know, who are you? What do you do? What is your mission currently? What’s lighting you up in the world right now?

Rai Henry
Oh my goodness, thank you, Steph, number one, for just having me on and for speaking so beautifully about the initial connection that we shared. And, you know, if I had to express the worth it or even put words to what I’m doing in this world right now, I’m showing up and expressing myself in the most authentic way. And in doing so, connecting to people like you. And so that looks like showing up and being very heart-centered, very spirit centered in the work that I do, which is to help creative professionals be very intentional and deliberate about their life but also their business.

And so I have a project management background. And most people when they hear that automatically think what in the world are you doing working in the creative world, but you know, as a PM, my experiences taking me to so many different places. I had a marketing firm of my own brand and marketing firm. And during that time, I serve small businesses and MP O’s and primarily those in the Chicago market where I was located. And my experience as a project manager for those businesses.

It just revealed to me that every single business owner, every single professional and creative printer, so to speak, they have one thing in common, and that is that they’re all seeking to show up in the world and be seen and also connect. So that’s really what I’m here to do is help people show up in the world, have an impact, but really find their true values along the way. And so you know, when I think about even Colin, right and my connection with Colin, he is just such a beautiful creative printer. And I met him by way of a good friend who I’ve known for years, all of us have that thing in common. We all show up differently in the work that we do. But we all are here to express ourselves creatively and it’s just my job to help.

I would say that individual connect to their values and then figure out how to show that up, or how that shows up in their business models. But more importantly, in their walk in life. I think about those creative millennials primarily that’s like Usually, the people that come into my space, they’re in between that weird 20 somethings and 30 somethings and they’re like, I don’t really know what to do to get where I want to go.

But I do know where I want to go. I just don’t know the step by step. I just don’t know that clicked down. And so stuff, that’s where they come to me. And we really figure out how to come into alignment through intentional deliberate work those lifestyle rituals and then convert into your work. And so that’s, that’s how I’m showing up. And that’s what’s bringing me joy. And the only reason why I’m qualified to do that because I do it every single day in my life, right? I don’t have any credentials that make me more attractive than another. I just show up and I really do open up my heart to receive and therefore reciprocate that in the work.

Steph Gaudreau
Oh my gosh, so many places, I could jump from there. I love it. And you know, there’s such a resonance when you were describing that not just thinking of myself, but just such a resonance in the clarity and the truth. There’s just a truth to what you talked about. And I think that’s probably what draws so many people to you, because people are seeking these things that you’re talking about, right? They’re seeking to make an impact in a way that’s really aligned. They’re seeking to express themselves creatively. You know, one of the things that I heard you mentioned, I believe it was in the IGTV that you did with Colin was, you talked about the term creative, and why so many people, like we desire that so much because it is kind of our human nature to want to create, but that term can trip so many people up. So what do you mean by that?

Rai Henry
Yes creative, right? We’re all here to express ourselves and so creative as anyone. I think that at points in time, we do attach so strongly to labels and identifiers. You know, whether like I’m a project manager. Well, that title is so limited. And although that is a specific skill that I have worked very hard to attain and to serve in, it’s not the full scope of who I am. And so I think of creatives as anyone seeking expression. And you know, that can be personally or professionally, it doesn’t just mean that you’re in a space where you are either an artist or a creator in terms of a physical or digital experience. creators are cooks, creators or parents creator creatives, or any way any person who’s tapping into a part of themselves to express and so I mean, this could go layers and layers deep, you know, stuff when I think about listening to your body, the creative energy that I’m speaking of, is that sacred energy right in that sacred chakra, right and for anyone who may or may not be familiar, you know, I do believe and this comes from a lot of rich years and yoga practice for myself but also going through teacher training. How does that connect to our physical bodies?

And how do we express ourselves to therefore heal, physically heal spiritually heal mentally, and connect the I won’t, I don’t want to say broken? But those parts of ourselves that we compartmentalize these identities that we come compartmentalize, how do we bring them into the one that is creative expression, that’s the goal is to figure out all of these parts of you and see the sum total. And I think that at the heart of it, that’s what every single person on this planet is trying to do. But it can be hard sometimes when there’s so many distractions in so many illusions. And I’m here to help people, you know, work through that figure out, like, what does that look like and how do I get to what I call DNA, my divine natural approach in life, you know, it’s my approach. It’s not something based on the outside or those external factors. But I really went inside. I went, you know, to my internal locus system, and I figured out what is my process and that’s, that’s what I do. So I don’t, I don’t figure that out for my clients, but I hold their hands and we co-create the plan for the plan of action for that. Those are the creative, those people who are looking for that DNA.

Steph Gaudreau
Hmm, I love that. So thanks for explaining that. I think a lot of people are going to hear the term creative in a different way now based on how you described it. It almost seems like there’s this tendency for people to make the process of creation or being creative or sensing that creative energy that kind of bubbles up through you as being really significant and then getting into the ‘Am I doing it right? Am I doing this? Right? You know, we make it, we get like this, this big, significant thing. And I think what I hear you saying is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Rai Henry
No, not at all. In fact, I would say it’s just as simple as, where are the blocks in my life? And how can I flow through them? You know, one of the books that I love, Goodness, Creative Living, my goodness, and I’m having a brain fart, one of my favorite books, talks about how to have a creative, Creative Living Beyond Fear. That’s it. And so I absolutely love the approach of identifying the spaces that we feel blocked, that we feel resistance, any of that struggle or overwhelm however it shows up for us either physically, psychologically, or emotionally, what how, where do I sense it? How can I identify it?

What are those blocks and usually, once we can identify the blocks, we can then put a course of action? But it’s really hard to do that when we have so much coming at us. And in a time like today where the world is going through such revolution and transformation, it can be very easy to feel like you’re doing it alone when truly we’re doing it as a collective. But there are so many approaches to it. And you know why I think it’s important for each of us to show up myself your stuff is that we all have something that could support the next person. It doesn’t mean you have to take my approach or my way, but it means that you are not alone. And there is someone here who can show you even if they’ve only made it to step three, and you know, and there’s tend to go, even if they’ve only made it to step three, if you’re someone who might be at step one, feeling a little bit lost and feeling that block. This is where it’s important to connect to your community and ask for help but also be able to recognize that it exists. And I think we’ve spent so much time in the space of the individual approach to working through these things. But the individual approach, you know, it’s just not enough anymore. The collective is necessary.

Steph Gaudreau
Hmmm, Yeah, I love how you talked earlier about that co-creation. And I think that there’s a very individualistic, you know, energy to our society, right, where we’re just like, I’m in my own silo over here doing my own thing. And I think what I hear you saying is that that’s only going to take us so far.

Rai Henry
Absolutely. I would argue that it’s only taken us so far. And we’re watching it shift, you know, and last two weeks, I think I’ve talked to maybe 20 people, 20 individuals, we’re all seeing the same thing. We’re all speaking the same support. We’re all looking for ways to show up. We all have vision. We all have the passion, the desire and the ability to move forward. But we are also experiencing this shifting in the collective consciousness. Which is that are we on that, you know, for our hierarchy of needs, when we think about that, are we working toward self-actualization? Only? Yes, that’s a part of it. But are we also seeking what I would you know, frame is collective actual actualization, we’re shifting from that individual model. And, and the only way to do that is to be transparent, to be vulnerable, and to be open about what you’re experiencing so that you can connect to your community or your tribe and grow beyond your own limitations.

Steph Gaudreau
Gosh, I love that. Earlier you mentioned flow and you mentioned these places where we may have blocks, I’m wondering if for you or maybe some of the things that you help your clients do and when you’re working with people, so feel free to answer on either level, if it’s personal or how you help folks do this, but how do you personally or with your clients, how do you help them experience the like the sensations or the feelings, that energy of creation or creativity and in our flow, and then maybe how feeling blocked would feel because I think we hear about this a lot in certain circles, energy or we’re talking about energy or we’re talking about like you mentioned earlier chakras or whatever it happens to be. And so there’s this we talked about creation and we talked about being blocked or having flow and feeling stuck. And do you have any tips or any ways you look at this for helping people experience this in their physical body?

Rai Henry
Oh, absolutely, um, you know, in the physical, I would say the very first way that we might recognize blockages in flow is in pain, right? Pain and discomfort in our physical bodies. You know, the reason why in yoga, we do this, the asanas are those physical movements is to help support the flow of energy in the body. And so when I think about that with clients, if you know, I am not, I don’t, I incorporate yoga naturally in my life. So that’s something that I do personally. And what I like to share with my clients is just my journey of that so when I’m feeling stiff, or I’m feeling discomfort, I noticed that if I am entering a especially our connecting with new people and new experiences, as my body is recognizing, or sensing anything that might throw me off or make me feel uncomfortable, any kind of discomfort, anxiety, stress, any of that.

I am checking in with myself, and I’m making sure that number one, do I feel safe? You know, that’s number one, like, do I feel safe? Number two, is this a space that I might feel nervous and anxious because I feel maybe imposter syndrome? Or, or is this a space of being you know, ill-prepared? Is this something that I need to work on internally to show up more authentically? And then finally, is this lack of confidence? You know, is this reflecting from a space of I don’t feel like I belong here or I absolutely know I belong here. But I’m, I’m afraid of being judged right. I’m afraid of what others may think of me. So we see that showing up a lot. I think that millennials especially are not necessarily afraid to put ourselves out there.

But so many of us are sensitive to what others may think or say we’re just extremely empathic this particular generation, I would argue the same even, you know, for you Steph. I know that you know, you’re not you would not consider yourself a millennial, but I do want to put this out here that, you know, for me, when I, when I refer to millennials, they’re definitely those late 80s, you know, till the early 90s, you know, I think about mid to late 80s or early 90s, that that group, where we are extremely sensitive because we’re also we’ve been bombarded with the technological age. So we’re experiencing the world very differently than those before us. And I think that if you are feeling blocks in your physical body, it may show up in ways like that and things like that, but also, when we think about relationships, if you’re not seeing reciprocity in your relationships, that is another block. If you feel like maybe you’re over-giving and you’re not seeing what you might some might call a return on investment or return on energy. That’s something to explore. Now, that doesn’t mean that

it doesn’t mean that you’re not actually being reciprocated. But very oftentimes, our perception about how we give in exchange can be off. It’s usually our perception. And so one of the things that I share with a client recently is, I know that you feel like you’re giving, giving, giving, and pouring into this particular relationship and not getting it back. So number one, you definitely have to look at yourself and see is the same change that you want to make. But also, I challenge you to look at the experience and see if perhaps, the universe is providing you abundantly, what you have been giving and reciprocating it back to you. But it’s just coming from a different space, you can’t see it because it’s not coming from where you expected it and so just shit challenging the assumptions around reciprocity. The assumptions around giving and receiving, I think those are all parts of recognizing your blocks. And you know, I, my particular workaround once we recognize them, what do we do about them is, you know, something that I’m doing in my group program that we talked about, on our call recently create column and flow. And what that is, is just my opportunity to work with a smaller group of people who may not be able to go the one on one route with me, but who still, you know, they’re still committed to identifying the blocks, but then also figuring out what are those internal patterns systems that they’ve developed the life that may be creating or supporting those blocks as opposed to clearing them out and creating more opportunities for flow.

Steph Gaudreau
I love that. Gosh, so much. So there’s so much goodness in, in what you’d end up doing what you talked about. I think It’s really awesome. It’s really impactful to hear you talk about what we would normally, I guess, in a really left-brained way of looking at this thing is, you know, even though we would maybe associate creativity, or a generative approach with being more right-brained and more, more creative and things like that, we still oftentimes, and I say we, we, like, as a society, as a culture, oftentimes distill that down into thinking, you know, just a rational brain thinking activity. And we get really stuck there, right? We’re just like, I can’t think of anything, I can’t think of anything. And I want to hear you saying here in this conversation is that it’s so powerful to be able to tune into this multi this multiplicity of different energies and demand, like the dimensions that are around us with the universe and what we’re co-creating with each other and being open to where things are coming from, you know, am I receiving abundance in just one way? Or can I expand my view of what that is? So I think that’s going to be really helpful for people as they’re looking to expand their own. What’s the word I’m looking for? Hey, I forgot my phone number earlier. What are you’re talking about forgetting the name of the book. I was like, I literally forgot my phone number earlier. When we’re a right, it’s Monday. It’s expanding our almost like our lexicon of what we can use, to develop that awareness. So I love that. You know, one of the things that you also talk a lot about is being able to give yourself permission to thrive after trauma after difficult circumstances. And how can there almost be this distrust of self? I mean, can you think this is particularly relevant right now more than ever, but what do you mean by all of that?

Rai Henry
It’s I mean layers and layers deep seven, you know, I’m sitting here thinking to myself about the best place to speak is from my own story. And you know, I have had a beautiful I would, I would say beautiful, well rounded, adolescent to adulthood, you know, transition. It’s been I’ve experienced a little bit of everything. I’ve lived in a lot of different places I’ve met and connected with a lot of people. My being raised, born and raised in Detroit to choosing Chicago as my adult home and then, you know, being now, here in Dallas, Texas, I think about all of the experiences and how I have had to ebb and flow through my last, let’s just say decade to get where I am today. And there were some times there were really specific events in my life that were extremely traumatic ones that have purpose and value, ones that I do not glorify by any means, but one that ones that as I am removed from them, and looking at them kind of externally stepped, you know, taking that external, look at it from the big picture, I can see how easy it could be for someone to have those experiences and completely shut out from reality and from possibility.

And I had to pull myself out of some of those spaces. And of course, I didn’t do it alone, right? spirit support from therapy, there are tons of modalities that were a part of helping me get to where I am today. So you know, I just want to put that out there that everyone’s approach is unique and different, but I did have to pull myself out and this is the part where I say, you know, focusing on yourself and your own personal responsibility and your personal integrity. Those moments could have been defining moments or they were right. But they could have been the beginning of a very different path for me. I remember when I lost my aunt, which was she is my great aunt, her name is Colleen. And she was one of my closest relatives, someone who was so pivotal and giving me a chance, she gave me a chance, choice and opportunity as a little black girl. She made sure that I could see the world that I could have options that I knew that there was a force inside of me greater than anything that I understood at the time as a child, right? And so she instilled those kinds of values and in those confidence factors in me, but when she died, I was 24 I believe, and I hit a fork in the road.

Look, I was looking at everything that I was working on. I was by definition of success, you know, I would say I was pretty successful. Running my firm having an amazing team to support me making an impact through my work. But I completely disassociated from it. I was not connected to myself, and I was very much so just going with whatever happens I consider the first 25 years of my life living on autopilot. That’s how I would describe it. And then that traumatic experience losing her which, you know, I had several before that, but that was my what I would say my awakening moment, where I for the first time realized I had to make a choice for the first time about how to view the world, her death either would signify for me the beginning of like, a more pessimistic view on life. She just was such a blessing to everyone Steph. God, every single person she touched on this planet, I know she had a positive but the people everyone loved her and she just was just walking personified joy and happiness.

And so losing her meant, well, if if I can lose this kind of love and support if she can be taken from me, and from the world, this gift. What does this mean for the next? What? What am I going to do with this next part of my life? Do I believe this can still carry on through me? Do I believe in what she’s been teaching me for so long, which is that everything is in divine order? Because if so, then how did I lose you to cancer? You know how? So I really went into a dark space. And it sent me on a little bit of a downward spiral. I did close my firm and I took some time to do what Joseph Campbell talks about, which is, you know, I had to go on my journey. I heard death signified the true start of my hero’s journey. And that process birth what I do today. And that process truly has given me the framework for helping people who may go through those traumatic experiences. And that’s just one, of course, my background again, without going all the way back to my childhood, but I’ve seen a lot, you know, my mother was a single parent, and my father, whom I’m so blessed to have him life today, and I love dearly, you know, he was incarcerated for a big part of my life, all the way through my early teens. And so you know, my story, my statistics definition is, I mean, it’s tricky. It’s definitely a rocky story. I’m a first-gen college student, I had nothing but economic hardship and just you’ll preparation entering what many would call younger adulthood.

I didn’t have any of the guidance, I didn’t have any kind of blueprint or framework to work from. But I forged it myself, along with spirit guiding me, and along with the beautiful what I call messengers that showed up at different phases of my life. And I’ve charted that process. And I’ve taken note of what those key factors were. And I’ve applied them to the principles of your hero’s journey. And that is the framework for the work that I’m doing right now. So it’s very tried and true. And I’m not just on it, but I’ve studied, you know, and had many people, my clients, and my colleagues and my friends take the same journey, and I’ve charted their progress, and I’ve asked them, What were you experiencing at this stage? What happened when grief came in? What kind of decisions did you make to overcome that grief to acknowledge it, but still to overcome it? So that’s, you know, that’s what I mean by thriving is giving the framework for having experienced trauma, but also knowing that experiencing the trauma is not where it stops. It is usually a beautiful opportunity for your phoenix moment, that opportunity to come out on the other side thriving because it lights something new in you. It. I mean, it’s not always a beautiful story, right? It doesn’t always feel good. But the possibilities for a new life after trauma are limitless.

Steph Gaudreau
Wow. Thank you for sharing all of that with us. Thank you for sharing some of your story. And really giving us that insight as to how trauma doesn’t have to be the end and how there’s so much possibility that every person has the ability to define that for themselves. It’s just absolutely beautiful. I don’t know have anything else to add? Other than that, because I think you, you ended it on such a powerful moment. Gosh, just so grateful for this conversation and I am really excited to see you know, where you go with everything, including your program. So, before we hop off, I would love to have you share how can people follow you get to know more about you and hear more about the program that you’re running and everything that you’re creating in the world.

Rai Henry
You know, Steph. I just want to remind you know, as I say to myself and affirm it, I’m also sharing this with the world that you know, we are all on one journey, but there are infinite possibilities. And so it’s so important to remember like it’s absolutely up to you to choose the flow that works for you. So to choose your flow by unlocking that potential, and being intentional and deliberate about the life that you want to live and or the business that you want to create with they really work hand in hand. And if you want to know more about that, whether you’re a creative printer, someone kind of newer and you know, you want to put yourself out there, but you don’t know how or even my CEO level clients, those who, hey, I already, I’ve really done the work around my business, and I believe I have something that works but I need to figure out ways to be more intentional and socially responsible and spiritually grounded in my work.

Wherever you fall on that spectrum. You’re welcome to come and connect with me. A great place to find me and just to come say hi is Instagram. So @sunnysunrai and that’s which is a play on my name. And so I invite people to just come and say, Hi, connect with me that way. Steph will tell you I take the time to say hello. I really do want to get to know you and from there, you know, there are two main ways to work with me and that is through either being fortunate enough to come to one of my cohorts, which I don’t have a full schedule for but I can tell you, we’re running through it for the next three months, we are certainly running the group program, this first session, the first couple of sessions are really focused on black millennials, because in the sense, the sensitivity of everything happening, I really want to serve my immediate community and make sure that they have what they need. And Steph was one of my sponsors for that program. So if you want to learn more about that, you can just go to That’s a great place to just work with me and more of a group setting. So it’s a little bit more of the DIY, but I’m here with you the entire process for four weeks, walking through your creative flow.

And if you’re someone who’s like, listen, I am ready to go all the way and I need a little bit more support. And I can just show up 100% right now. We can work one on one and they’re waiting to do that, I would be honored to talk with you more on that. And so a great place to do that, again, is just come say hi to me on Instagram, and I’ll get to know you more, we can hop on a call and really see where you are. So those are kind of those two pathways, either through the group or through the one on one experience. And either way, you’re gonna be doing the same work, there’s just a different level of responsibility, and internal, you know, commitment to making for either of those.

Steph Gaudreau
I love that. Thank you so much for sharing all of those different ways that folks can get to know you. And yes, we, you know, when we just sort of connected for the first time we had a couple back and forth, I love that voice message function on direct messages. And it was great to really connect with you and I so appreciate that you took that time. We’re going to link all of this stuff up in the show notes. So if you know folks are driving or doing whatever they’re doing, and they don’t have a chance to hop over, immediately upon listening, they can go back to the show notes and get all of this great info. Definitely if you’re someone who wants to support and, you know, make that, that supporting donation for Create, Collab And Flow, oh my gosh, I’m just talking so fast Create, Collab And Flow your program to sponsor, black creative or somebody who wants to do this program with Rai, please check that out. You know, that’s one way that you can make a difference and take some action in the world. And so, Rai, gosh, I’m just so glad that we were able to do this thank you for coming on. Your energy is so incredible. You are so grounding. And when I talk to you, in my body, I got this really expansive, open feeling. You know that that energy is flowing through you and it’s very, very powerful. So

Rai Henry
Thanks, Steph, I’m so grateful and just thank you for again for sharing the space and, you know, it’s my greatest desire that those who are listening are inspired and can feel what we’re sharing right now.

Steph Gaudreau
100% Oh my gosh, thank you so much, Rai Henry. I really, really appreciate it and I can’t wait to talk to you again soon. Likewise, talk to you soon. Thank you.

There you go, that is a wrap on this episode with Rai Henry. such a wonderful episode. My heart was so full after this conversation. I am so glad. Not only that I connected with her via Colin, who you heard about on the podcast, but that I was able to introduce you to Rai and the work that she’s doing in the world when it comes to creatives, expressing your creative energy, getting into that flow state connecting to your body in that way, and using creativity and creative expression as a means to heal. So glad that she was able to join us today and you heard at the top of the show and you heard Rai talk about please consider sponsoring a scholarship for a black indigenous or person of color for raised Create Collab And Flow program. You can find all of the details for that at her website and you can find the link in the show notes. If you want to go directly to that you can go to and you can find this episode there. You can also find the link in Rai’s Instagram profile at SunnySunRai ( Remember also to share this episode out on Instagram & tag both of us. I’m at Steph_Gaudreau and Rai is that SunnySunRai. We would love to hear your thoughts on this episode, what really resonated with you? And we would love to take a look at that. So thank you so much for doing that. Thank you for tuning in. And we’ll be back next Tuesday with another episode to help you really tune in to listen more deeply to connect with yourself on all of the levels that we’ve talked about on today’s show physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and really just thrive and flow. Alright until next week when we’re back together, be well!


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