Rebalance Your Hormones Naturally with Magdalena Wszelaki – Harder to Kill Radio #98 |

Rebalance Your Hormones Naturally with Magdalena Wszelaki – Harder to Kill Radio #98

Hormone imbalances got you feeling sluggish, tired, and moody? Learn how to rebalance your hormones naturally with food from holistic health expert Magdalena Wszelaki.

Rebalance Your Hormones Naturally with Magdalena Wszelaki – Harder to Kill Radio #98 |

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About Magdalena Wszelaki

Magdalena is a Certified Holistic Health Coach accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She received her education from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Before becoming a health coach, she had a long, fast-paced career as a strategic planner for the advertising powerhouse called WPP in both Asia and the US. She is also a regular Vipassana (insightful) meditation practitioner and a Level II Reiki healer (a form of energy healing).

Her own journey with health issues and the failure of the medical world to adequately address them started with Graves’ Disease (an autoimmune condition that causes hyperthyroidism) in 2001, and later Hashimoto’s Disease in 2008 (an autoimmune condition that causes hypothyroidism). In 2012 she was diagnosed with estrogen dominance and high heavy metal toxicity.

Every part of my journey made her wiser, kinder and more patient. Today, her health is quite different. She’s in remission from Graves’ and Hashimoto’s, her adrenals feel rested, and she’s reversed her estrogen dominance. She feels better today in her 40s than she did in her 20s.

Magdalena is celebrating the release of her new cookbook, Cooking for Hormone Balance, on April 10. In it, you’ll find 125 recipes with hormone balancing ingredients. You can get free copies of her Seed Rotation Guide, 20 Superfoods Guide, and a sample chapter plus cooking videos from her book.

She will be holding a book signing in San Diego on April 12 at 7:30 pm at Warwick’s in LaJolla.

In Episode 98, Magdalena Wszelaki Talks About:

  • The five hormone imbalances she covers in her practice (and which three of those five she had)
  • Why following your intuition is crucial for healing
  • The three-legged stool analogy for understanding hormones
  • Why we must understand and identify the root cause of hormonal dysfunction
  • Foods to add and remove to support good gut health and lower chronic inflammation
  • Why stomach acid and bile are crucial for digestion
  • How to change breakfast to kill sugar cravings
  • Foods to incorporate for better liver function
  • The truth about thyroid and cruciferous veggies
  • Symptoms of problematic estrogen imbalance (estrogen dominance)
  • Foods to eat for clearing excess estrogen from your body
  • How to rotate seeds in your nutrition plan for better hormonal balance
  • Why she wrote her new book Cooking for Hormone Balance

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Rebalance Your Hormones Naturally with Magdalena Wszelaki – Harder to Kill Radio #98 |

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