How To Reconnect With Nature, No Matter Where You Live w/ Dr. Maya Shetreat – Harder To Kill Radio #121

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It is no secret that many of us feel an increasing pull toward nature, and that we are missing our connection to the Earth. Our society has created a space between us and the natural world and as Dr. Maya Shetreat explains, it’s up to each of us to close that gap, and reap the many benefits of being in closer contact with our natural surroundings. 

Harder To Kill Radio 121: How To Reconnect With Nature, No Matter Where You Live (And Why It's Important) w/ Dr. Maya Shetreat

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About Dr. Maya Shetreat

Dr. Maya Shetreat is a neurologist, herbalist, and author of The Dirt Cure: Healthy Food, Healthy Gut, Happy Child. She is known as ‘The Dirt Doctor’ and helps her clients connect to the Earth from not only a health perspective but also a physical connection perspective. Dr. Shetreat is based out of New York City and is proof that you don’t have to live next to an abundance of nature to bring the outdoors into your daily life.

There are massive health benefits to spending more time outdoors, including better sleep, being calmer, happier, more creative, and a boosted immune system. Being in spiritual and physical contact with the Earth can help restore your electrons and have an incredible boost on your mood and overall wellbeing. Today, Dr. Shetreat gives us heaps of suggestions on how to make your life feel more like an outdoor experience. She argues that you don’t have to change everything in your life to be on a health seeking journey, and by making compromises in your own way you can find ways to connect that make sense for you and experience the transformative powers of nature.

What do you do to get yourself outdoors and reconnect with nature? Let us know in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

  • How to bring the outdoors into your living space
  • Small ways to find day to day connections with nature
  • The value of putting more of your physical self into contact with the Earth
  • How the Earth works as a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Why you should make sitting on the floor part of your daily life
  • Giving yourself permission to dive inwards

Resources Mentioned In This Show

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“I do think from a practical standpoint that it is very possible to take small steps to become more connected to nature. And you know every time you take that one step and become more connected, you know kinda the natural world will take one, two or three steps towards you.” (9:12)

“People really think dirt is like a bad thing and I feel like we have done so much damage to ourselves in a sense with this whole idea of like hygiene and being sanitary and it kind of translates also into this idea of sitting on the ground and being connected in that way.” (15:26)

“Whereas we used to have this innate connection to the Earth that was like the source of everything for us, so there was this whole relationship that we had. Now we have sort of shifted our belief into science and it’s almost like religious in a way. There is this sort of dogmatic way of saying like you know, does science show it? And it’s sort of like… we’re talking about walking outside…” (20:32)

“For me, because all of these processes are so individual for each person, I think its really really important to understand that you give yourself permission.” (30:41)

“Flowers change the way we feel, they transform us. So that is one very simple way to experience that healing energy and feel kind of joy and comfort through all our senses.” (45:28)


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Harder To Kill Radio 121: How To Reconnect With Nature, No Matter Where You Live (And Why It's Important) w/ Dr. Maya Shetreat

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