Harder To Kill Radio 141: Reconstructing The Relationship Between Food & Your Body w/ Alison Marras

Rebuilding Your Relationship with Food w/ Alison Marras – Harder to Kill Radio 141

Too often in life, we tend to go toward the things we think we are good at, and avoid the things we are not so good at, even though those are the things that could make a big difference in your life. Alison Marras wants you to expand your repertoire and your mind by fostering an exciting relationship with food and your body.

Harder To Kill Radio 141: Reconstructing The Relationship Between Food & Your Body w/ Alison Marras

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About Alison Marras

Based out of New York City, Alison is a nutritional therapist, coach and founder of the blog Food by Mars. She is a fellow side-hustle-to-full-time-gig success story and is passionate about building a tribe that fuels each other. After a frustrating health journey and eventual Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease diagnosis, Alison took to her blog to find joy for herself while also educating others.

Today Alison is outlining a guide for those of you that are frustrated that you don’t feel great in your body, and need a starting point. She is sharing her favorite tools that she herself has used when in a state of perplexment with your body, and what lead her to the AIP diet. By identifying your stressors, trusting your body and paying attention to your hunger cues, it’s possible to unlearn your diet habits and have a healthy relationship with your body.

Alison believes in figuring out what you can enjoy more of, instead of focusing on your restrictions. She is urging you to let go of the math and the calories and whatever prevents you from enjoying something, and instead get more in tune with what your body is trying to tell you

Have you ever had to rebuild your relationship between food and your body? Tell me about it in the comments below!

On Today’s Episode

  • Building a healthy relationship with your body and food
  • Going through the process of figuring out what makes you feel best and building on that
  • Signs that it is time to work with a professional to get your health on track
  • Simple steps that you can take to get started in the right direction

Resources Mentioned In This Show

5 Day Mindful Eating Challenge

Food By Mars Website

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Intuitive Eating

The Slow Down Diet Book


“Finally I went back to school for nutrition and really realized, this is what I want my career and my life to be about. Helping others and helping people not go through some of the stuff I’ve had to go through with my health, and it really became more of a mission.” (10:07)

“That’s kind of how I approach the blog, I don’t want anyone to go through this negativity of feeling like they can’t have anything, so I really wanted to build awesome recipes so people didn’t feel very deprived.” (22:10)

“I didn’t want to now demonize everything or demonize all these foods and be fearful every time I went out. I wanted to enjoy things again, so I really tried to loosen up” (29:19)

“This is a partnership. This is us putting our two heads together to figure out how they can find balance and how they can heal themselves and do all this stuff. Because no matter what, you are the expert on you. But it sometimes takes an outside opinion, just like anything else.” (49:02)

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Harder To Kill Radio 141: Reconstructing The Relationship Between Food & Your Body w/ Alison Marras

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6 Responses

  1. Overthinking food has become the new normal. Fasting is being recommended as part of the routine for active recovery days by trainers and coaches. No need to complicate your day with food. Encouraging others to take a break from food – 23 hours out of every day – so your system can have some down time to focus on digestion gives you more time to focus on exercise! Your podcast is spot on. Swinging things back to some middle ground is greatly needed. Fasting for 23 hours every day actually increases insulin resistance and decreases immune functions. It’s misguided. Everyone is fearful of fruit, wouldn’t dream of touching a carb because it’s a badge of honor to be rigid, food dysmorphic and food orthorexic. I’m opting out and removing myself from anyone encouraging others to simply ignore hunger and satiety cues. Rigid food elimination diets should only be used for short periods and not become permanent lifestyles. The tendency is to reduce the number of foods even further until fasting for 23 hours is preferred. It’s hard to see the forest for the trees when you’re using fasting as a cover for disordered eating.

    1. Thanks for sharing your perspectives Andria. Really appreciate you taking the time to drop by and adding your thoughts to the conversation.

  2. As a type 1 diabetic I struggle everyday with just “allowing” myself to eat intuitively. There is no “just eat what your body wants” in my world. I feel so alone in that sometimes because I don’t know anyone in my little corner of the world that is also type 1 and trying to heal my body with food (obviously I have to have insulin, but changing the way I eat has made such a difference in how I feel). I can’t just “eat that sweet potato” unless I’ve done the math and the algorithms in my head to determine how high it will spike my blood sugar and how much insulin I need to manually give myself in order to keep that from happening. This podcast was insightful for me, I just wish there was a way to not do the math. Not wonder what every little bite of food will do to my blood sugar. I want to live to a ripe old age, I’m adament that I will. In order to do that I have to be vigilant over every little bite of food. It’s no wonder the diabetic community sees so many eating disorders! Thankfully I’m not in that number, but I can see how it’s a problem. Thanks for the work you’re doing in this world Steph, I love your positivity!! Is there a way you could work type 1 diabetes into a podcast somehow regarding this? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Hi Laura…thanks for sharing your perspective. Of course, there will be people like yourself for whom allowing yourself to eat intuitively isn’t part of the gig. Celiacs or people with allergies are another example. That’s why knowing your limits/boundaries is important. As for a show, I’d have to find someone willing to chat about it with me…who do you follow that you like?

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