Seeing Beauty Through the Shit - Harder to Kill Radio 186 |

Seeing Beauty Through the Shit – Harder to Kill Radio 186

When life handed me a shit sandwich, hear a personal story of how I found the beauty in it all.

Seeing Beauty Through the Shit - Harder to Kill Radio 186 |

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Seeing Beauty Through the Shit

Every once in a while, you probably come up against certain circumstances that seem so challenging that there’s no way anything positive could come from it. The most resilient people are those that come up against hard life situations and come out transformed for the better. They look for the opportunity to grow, as my friend Kristen says, not in spite of the shit but because of it.

Today I’m heading in a bit of a different direction and sharing a personal story that illustrates a time when life handed me a shit sandwich and how I learned to see the beauty in it all. I’m also sharing how I’ve everyday-life-sized that lesson to carry it around with me always. Things aren’t always going to be perfect. Cultivating resilience and the ability to see opportunity amid adversity is an important skill for all of us.

On Today’s Episode

  • A personal story of seeing beauty through a perilous situation
  • The thing I’m adding to my Fucket List

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