Why I Set a Yearly Theme – Harder to Kill Radio 166

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There’s something about the new year that symbolizes a fresh start.

Learn the benefit of setting a yearly theme instead of resolutions, how to make yours, and what my true north is for 2019. | StephGaudreau.com

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My 2019 Theme

For many, it’s also a chance to sit down, reflect, and set intentions for the year. Me personally? I’ve found resolutions to not be very useful in the past. There’s no hard and fast rule on that, though. For some people, they work well and feel attainable. (Or maybe you’d like to declare what you don’t want to do anymore…check out Episode 164 for more about that.)

A few years ago, I shifted my strategy and started setting yearly themes instead. They’ve worked out so much better for me than standard new year’s resolutions, and today I’m sharing why.

In this episode, I’m exploring the ways that yearly themes have challenged me yet provided freedom and flexibility. I’m also talking about past themes and why I chose them, plus giving you some things to consider before you create one for yourself. Finally, I’m sharing my 2019 theme, why I picked it, and what I’m hoping it’ll provide for me. Remember to reach out on social media and share your theme with me!

On Today’s Episode

  • My past yearly themes
  • Why themes are more useful that resolutions
  • How to create a yearly theme
  • My theme for 2019 and why I chose it

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