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Setbacks – Harder to Kill Radio #128 | StupidEasyPaleo.com

Setbacks – Harder to Kill Radio 128

At some point in your health and wellness journey, shit’s just going to go wrong.

Setbacks – Harder to Kill Radio #128 | StupidEasyPaleo.com

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How to Handle Setbacks

Maybe it’s a massive life change (good or not-so-good), you get injured, or something else unexpected pops up. How are you going to handle setbacks when they come your way?

The topic of setbacks seems to come up the most when life pops up and throws a monkey wrench into your routine. Let’s dive right in with a personal story of mine…

In 2012 I was training for competitive CrossFit and I got hurt and it was my own fault. I wasn’t training with a coach and my ego got in the way. My intent was to go to Regionals, even though I had a job and a life and it wasn’t my be all end all. So I sat on the bench, felt sorry for myself, and I got to watch everyone else go to Regionals.

My identity had very much become tied to being a competitor and I didn’t know who I was anymore when I didn’t have that. And it took me almost 4 months before I was able to really bounce back.

Looking back now, I definitely have some advice for my past self.

Keep your perspective. If you get injured and miss 4 weeks, that’s like 7% of your life for a year. You’re not going to ruin your strength and all of your training for that 7%. Keep your perspective.

Your worth isn’t tied to your productivity at the gym. Despite what society tries to tell us. You aren’t going to be a less valuable person because you took time off. We have this perception because we look at people online that are fit and assume that they workout all the time and never take time off. NOT TRUE.

How much of your self-worth are you putting into how productive you are at the gym?

On Today’s Episode

  • Our societal need for productivity
  • Our societal need for accomplishment
  • Real talk about the pity parties we tend to throw when stuff goes sideways

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