Shift – Harder to Kill Radio #130

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Going through a shift, moving to something new in life, can be one of those freaky-ass moments where you feel like the earth is going to fall out from beneath your feet. You may not want to stay, but going can seem just as scary.

Shift – Harder to Kill Radio #130 |

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Why I Have to Shift

So much stuff has happened for my brand, my business, and in the world in 2018 so I wanted to take a moment to talk about it and what it means for Stupid Easy Paleo going forward.

We’re almost 7 years (to the day) from when I started my blog, which I turned into a full-time business in 2014. Things have continued to evolve and adapt and grow for myself as a person, but also for my online community.

As I continued to grow, I started to talk about things other than food. I began to feel the urge to share more things related to fitness, mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle. So I started a new website where I started to share those things not directly related to recipes and quickly began to feel trapped in the middle between the two websites. So I shifted my focus back to Stupid Easy Paleo, which was right at the time.

But something changed around January of 2018 for me, and I decided I was going to burn it all down. I decided I had to move forward, even though I was afraid, and not hold back my vision of a rebrand anymore.

And man, was it liberating to finally stop being afraid of what I was going lose and step into the potential of who I want and need to be. Make no mistake, I’m excited, but I’m also human.

On Today’s Episode

  • My personal details about why my business is shifting
  • Why I’m rebranding
  • Some of the fears I’ve had to tackle as I approach the shift

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